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 Posted: Dec 15 2015, 08:29 PM
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years old
Pure Evil. Satanna has always been evil and a spoiled little Daddy's girl. She believes that she is a princess who deserves nothing but the finest things in life. And she will spot at nothing to get those things.
from The Reach
played by: Rebecca

The Tyrell were coming! Ugh... Satanna thought to herself with a sigh as she made her way through the Oldtown markets with a mission. Her mission was simple but important. With Margaery coming Satanna just had to look her best and while trying to select something to wear for the coming days, she noticed how old her wardrobe was. It just wouldn't do for such an interaction. So she begged her Daddy to money to go shopping at Oldtown. Her usual dress maker could produce something for her within the allotted time frame. Satanna had in mind exactly what she wanted and she knew the fabric that she wanted it done in. A deep rich red fabric with a velvety texture. It would be warm in the cooler months but still look perfect on her. She envisioned herself in this deep rich color with a nice fur accent collar and beading along the bodice and skirt. This time she even spent a few hours sketching up exactly how she saw it in her mind for the dressmaker. He was good at his craft but lacked the proper imagination to envision something so regal for his client. Plus Satanna enjoyed having some input. And people always complimented her gowns so why not add that she was the creative genius behind the look.

As she walked through the market, the commonfolk parted slightly to allow her to move unobstructed. Most had learned to stay out of Princess Satanna's way as she walked. Most were even bold enough to mutter 'Bitch' as she walked past. There was one time when she actually heard the common man say it. He was bold trying to stand up to her. In the moment she did not loose her calm demeanor. Instead she turned towards the hedge knight and commanded him to kill that man in an alley. The hedge knight, at the time, was mortified at the request and initially said no. In response Satanna threw a pretty public tantrum about how he had to because Daddy said that he had to do what she said. When the hedge knight did not give in, Satanna went back to her Daddy and said that the hedge knight tried to molest her. Daddy then punished the knight and fired him. Although the man that referred to her as 'Bitch' wasn't punished, someone was punished (quite gruesomely) and that made Satanna happy. Hopefully today wouldn't be quite as eventful. Satanna hadn't really tested the resolve of her latest hedge knight. Just the usual tasks were heaped onto him. Saddle her horse, carry her when she was tired of walking, and carry her bags as they walked through the markets. He was supposed to protect her too but Satanna felt quite safe in the markets.

Glancing back towards the hedge knight for a moment before continuing on along her journey. She thought that he was quite gorgeous. His dark Dornish hair and his features made him stand out from the other hedge knights she had before him. She imaged her milky pale skin pressing against his darker skin tone. Satanna could also imagine him pressing those strong hands against her body but that is where the fantasy ended. She had never been further than a touch mostly thanks to Daddy and to her own needs. Although she wasn't saving herself for marriage, she was waiting for the right moment. Her maidenhood could have been a good bargaining chip so that Daddy could find her a prince for a husband. Daddy still wasn't sharing any information about her prospects.

Pausing as she noticed something on one the tables. She picked up the necklace while carefully studying the gem stones. The center one was a gorgeous rub, cut to create shimmer. The merchant smiled and complimented her taste in jewelry, which made Satanna smile. Again she glanced back at Maron. "What do you think? I want it to add to my appearance and outshine anything that Margaery could bring." She wanted the gem to dance the fine like between too much and not enough. Wrapping the necklace around her neck while letting the gem drop to its finally resting spot. She wondered if it drew too much attention to her cleavage. With Margaery, it wasn't about showing off her perfect breasts, but more about showing how wealthy she was. "The dress maker will have to make sure that the gem is showing with my dress. Do you think that it will end up being too low?" Her question was followed by a rush of compliments, clearly he was trying to drum up a sale, which no longer impressed Satanna. "Whatever... its probably fake." She commented while dropped the necklace, letting it land wherever, before she continued on again. The man selling the necklace would pick it up if it fell.

The dress maker was up ahead anyways. Best to get the dress started before worrying about accessories.

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