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 Posted: Dec 16 2015, 11:10 AM
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years old
The only daughter of Mace and Alerie Tyrelle Margaery has known a life full of happiness and luxury. Spoiled by her parents but educated by her grandmoter she is a girl that no one doubts is going places.
from Highgarden
played by: Chloe

In this AU everything is crazy. Rhaegar Married Cersei. Lyanna died and Robert spent the next...many years mourning her until eventually Robert married Margaery. .

There was a slight breeze blowing over the yard. It was the perfect kind of breeze, enough to make Marge’s curls dance in the wind but warm enough to not make her wish she had a cloak or anything. It really was a perfect day and Marge was pleased that her new husband had decided to host one of his tournaments and that meant that she got to spend the whole day outside watching the fighting. She had grown up around watching Tourneys, she couldn’t not since she was a Tyrell and one of her first memories was of Loras demanding that she watch him fight. However, she had never seen anything like her Lord husband standing above all others with his great horned helmet and his warhammer. Seeing him standing like that made her wish that all the people that had asked her why she would marry someone twice her age could see him now, than she was sure all questions would be answered. Not only was he Lord Paramount of the Stormlands but he was a very attractive man.

It had been a week since their wedding ceremony and it had been a week long of celebrations. Margaery had loved all of the festivities and she was kind of wondering what life was going to be like once everything calmed down. She figured life amongst the Baratheons would never be boring but it was something she was going to have to wait to find out for sure, even if that was going to happen soon, but not today. Today was a day of celebration and Margaery was going to love every second of it. Her throat felt a little raw from cheering for him and she could feel the palms of her hands still stinging from clapping but when all was said and done Lord Baratheon was the winner of the tournament and Margaery was the first one on her feet cheering for him.

She wanted to see him as soon as the fighting was done but she quickly overtaken by her cousins who wanted to gossip about some of the knights they had seen. Margaery could never tell her cousins not, so instead of going directing to her husband’s tent she spent some time with her cousins and when she left Megga was flirting with the Swann heir while Elinor and Alla were talking to Lord Penrose’s sons. She was glad that they all seemed happy and she was able to slip away and find the gold and black stag banner above the black and gold tent that she knew was Robert’s. After a brief word with the guards outside she was allowed inside.

His back was turned when she walked in and Margaery took a moment to admire his broad shoulders and strong back and let the pride that he was her husband sink in. When she felt like she couldn’t stand there anymore without it being odd she cleared her throat. When he turned toward her she smiled sweetly at him as she crossed over to him and rested her hand on his shoulder. “You were truly something to see out there.” She rubbed his shoulder a little squeezing them softly hoping to relieve some tension that she was positive. “You really did show everyone out there you really are as furious as a storm.”

They were a political match. He was a Baratheon she was Tyrell and both houses benefited from their union. They had barely known each other before they married and there was the age difference. Margaery had never been one of those girls who dreamed of love, she dreamed of prestige and she had found that with Lord Robert, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be unhappy with her marriage and one of the things she had realized already was that Robert enjoyed it when she praised him which was something she was all too happy to do. “I was very proud to know that it was my husband out there.”


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