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 Posted: Nov 30 2015, 07:27 AM
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years old
The fourth child of Rhaegar and Lyanna Targaryen. Known as the silver haired and icy eyed princess. Often armed with a harp and book in hand rather than a sword. Her egg never hatched, but the bond with Adara fills her heart more than her stagnant egg ever did.
from Kings Landing
played by: Oswin

Disclaimer: Sometime in the not too distant past

Poor ideas seemed to run in the Targaryen family. It did not take long for one to look back on their family tree and see a mistake that had cost someone their life, or the lives of many. Rhaenna liked to believe that her plans would not lead to catastrophic events such as these. Yet they still fell into the category of being unpopular. Of course it never stopped her from doing things such as this before, Rhaenna was as stubborn as the winter was long. It did not take years under intense study to piece that puzzle together. Yet it did help if one caught on rather quickly. A new guard had been assigned to accompany her whilst her fathers kings guards were otherwise detained. Be it the changing of their shifts or that there was not armoured hand that could not be laid on her shoulder at the present point in time. The thought was enough to fill her blood with a sort of jubilation that walked hand in hand with mischief.

Stepping into Tayce's rooms, the princess mentioned she would not dwell there too long. Knowing full well there was another exit to her Mistress of Keys' room. Crimson skirts swirled around her ankles as she secured the weighted wooden door behind her. "Tayce?" The silver haired Targaryen called quietly into the small cobble lined walls. Not doing it out of wonder where her comrade was. More out of courtesy to let her know that she was here. A nervous hand fluttered to the crown of dried flowers that laced her brow. She had been in the library, ground breaking, and had read that the small folk believed that with the right mixture of dried flowers and time of year was supposed to bring good luck. And where she planned to go, she would rather need it.

And of course where she planned to go, was not quite on her recommended route or remained in her designated boundaries of the castle. The heels of her feet unable to hold her excitement as she rolled off the soles gracefully as she almost danced through the room with excitement. "Did you get the stuff?" By stuff she loosely implied of her cloak and the small harp she had stowed away in the trunk of her bed. It was the only instruction she had given the Paege girl. Not out of lack of trust - though there was a seed of doubt that Tayce would betray her secret, which was why she planned to tell her now in hopes to catch her in the moment. And give her less of a chance to say no.

Catching the other girls hands within the heated palms of her, unsure if it was nervousness that encouraged the blood to swell to the surface or excitement, Rhaenna could not differentiate between the two. "There is a poets gathering in the square by the east gate." Storm filled eyes seemingly pleading with the other girls. A wistful yearning seeped into her tone. "There's to be a music contest." A bashful smile pulled at the corner of her lips, nimble fingers lovingly tracing the wooden curves of her instrument. "I mean to see if there is any true competition out there." That and it would be full of others who were there to celebrate, dance and listen to music. Rhaenna had not even raised the will to ask if she could go, for she knew what the answer would be. And it was most likely that the musicians would scatter at the sight of the crowns colours, for many did not earn their money truthfully. "What do you say?" Almost bouncing on her heels as the winter princess squeezed her palms in an attempt to persuade the girl before her.

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 Posted: Dec 13 2015, 03:24 PM
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years old
Tayce is one daughter of many, born to a knightly house in the Riverlands. She is currently a ward of the crown, and Mistress of Keys to Rhaenna Targaryen. She doesn't know what chill is. Don't touch her schedule. She'll cut you.
from king's landing
played by: echo

Cryptic instructions had been offered just the night before. Tayce knew better than to as questions, but she couldn't help wondering. Knowing Rhaenna, Tayce assumed it had something to do with music and slipping out. Why else ask for a drab cloak like this one? Rhaenna would need to cover up. She'd done as she was asked, Rhaenna's harp was stowed away in the trunk at the foot of her bed, wrapped in a dull gray cloak with a large hood.

It was still early morning, and Tayce had a bit of a late start. She'd been cursing herself all morning for it. She was usually more prompt in starting her days. But one of the girls had been sick last night, and Tayce had stayed up late, doing her best to help the physician tend to her. Come sunrise, she found herself in desperate need of a bath before she could leave her chambers. The water was a touch cold, simply because there was no time to wait for it to be heated. But the chamber maid helping her had apologized a few times, and brought a few pails of hot water to help towards the end. She was out before she could properly enjoy the hot water. Already she had sent others off with orders to be seen to in her absence, but she would really like a chance to check up on them before Rhaenna showed up.

Tayce made quick work of drying herself and slipping into a simple gown. It was a loose-fitting number that was clinched around her torso by a length of ribbon. Feet still bare, she paced her room as she worked on her hair. Once it was brushed, her head tipped to the side, allowing her long locks to cascade down one side. The Paege girl combed her fingers through them a few times, taming them before she began to weave a braid across the back of her head. She was still standing at that awkward angle when her door opened. She turned towards the sound of the familiar voice - surprised only by the hushed tone that seemed to imply some illicit action. She and Rhaenna were friends, but it wasn't often that the Princess came to her chambers.

"What do you say?" Rhaenna concluded. Tayce worried her lower lip, straightening her neck as she blindly began to braid her long, still damp hair.

"I say nobody is going to buy you as a commoner in that dress." She concluded simply. She made quick work of finishing off her hair, and tying it with a length of ribbon that matched the one on her dress. Free of her task, Tayce padded over to her closest where a number of gowns were hanging. "Your harp and the cloak are still in my trunk." She offered over her shoulder, as she began to rummage through her small selection of garments. She debated between a few before pulling out a simple blue gown. It was dark and had nothing elaborate about it, even if it was fine material. Nobody would look twice at it, at least. She could blend in more easily with that than in a bright red gown made of expensive lace. Commoners never wore lace.

"You should try this," Tayce suggested, holding it out as she crossed the room once more. There was a fond smile on her lips as she looked her oldest friend over. "We both know there is no true competition. The real question is 'how much trouble will I get in for this'?" She countered. There was no doubt that she would agree to this. She had an entrance to servants quarters in the corner of her room, and she could actually navigate the small halls, as Rhaenna couldn't. It would be easy enough to escape any disapproving guards.


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