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 Posted: Dec 13 2015, 01:33 PM
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years old
Unbowed, unbent, unbroken.
from Sunspear
played by: Jersey

RANK: Nobility
TITLE: Heiress of Dorne
AGE: 23
HOUSE: Martell
PLAYBY: Lais Ribeiro

You were the first child of the man who would soon become the Master of Laws. A shining little girl with chubby cheeks and a toothless grin that could brighten any day like the sun of the place from which you came, the sigil of the house you were born to one day rule. You were to be raised a lady, but your mind was full of other things. You had a fire burning within you, the spark of a personality that was both lovable and strong. You learned to play both parts - Lady and Ruler - all at once without fail, though you were given ample opportunity to be a child as well.

Your brother came not long after you - you were still only a child of four when he came forth into the world. He would be a light in your life, but also a shadow. His smiles never seemed as bright if they came at all, and where you learned to rule, he learned other things. There was a wall to separate you, though you're certain no one ever meant to build the divide. Nature took its course; he would grow to squire for a Lord while you would keep your stead in Sunspear, following in your father's footsteps, learning the way to speak, to stand, to survey those around you all while maintaining the very ferocity that drew so many to your charm.

Like so many other dornish children, you were blessed with an open mind. There was little you cast aside without good reason, and after your father left Sunspear to fill his position as Master of Law, your uncle became the man who would raise you. He was dear to you, though he was hardly as straightlaced as your dear father had been in his presence. You learned from him that some rules were meant to be broken, and that love is always free... something you would use to your advantage later in life.

In your childhood you were cursed with a little extra chub around your cheeks and middle, and you envied the beautiful woman with their curvaceous busts and bottoms and their slim waists shown off by the scarce fabric of the native fashions. Your nights were filled with prayers to the seven, pleas that one day you might possess such womanish charms, that your awkward looks would be traded for beautiful ones, balanced and revered. You did your best to adhere to the faith of the Seven as it was taught to you, an effort to appease them so they might grant your dearest wish.


In time your dreams would come true. You grew into your looks, and as the years passed you would come to outshine many other ladies with your beauty. You were a desire of and temptation to many a man and you would have it no other way. Your greatest amusements came in the way of teasing and tormenting, using your body to speak a language all its own. Drawing them in and then leaving them hanging was a past time you developed at a young enough age, though sometimes even you could not resist your body's urges. For very long, you prided yourself on never giving in to the fullest extent. Certainly you spent some time fooling around but never let a man take more than you wanted to give. A lesson in self-restraint, you called it - something pivotal to ruling your people.

Your chastity didn't last all that long. Lovers were common in Dorne and you saw no shame in taking one if you saw fit. There were few who would deny you, but your tastes were picky. Still, you learned the strengths of your body and how to get whatever you wanted from men with little more than a sway of your hips. Your father's urge to marry you off grew as you did, but you were willing to put your foot down; you'd find a husband in time; one who satisfied you physically as well as intellectually. You were to rule Dorne, not be a prize on some man's arm. Suitors poured forth, eager to sway your decision but with the help of your dear Sand Snake cousins and too much spiced wine, man by man by man left with little more than the ghosted print of your lips as a memory upon their cheeks.

The children of your Uncle were more like sisters to you than anything else. Your bond with Tyene was undeniable from the start, but they all held a place in your heart. When Nymeria came along, you two were fast friends. Close in age, you shared many interests and passions, though Nymeria was always more abrasive than you have ever been. You had much to talk about with all of the Sand sisters, and they became your support system when you felt you had no one else. You were raised side by side with them, and you've yet to find any reason to distrust any of them while you can find many to distrust all the rest around you.


You've many passions in life. Too many people see you as nothing more than a future ruler, the smile that plays across your lips as you greet those who visit you. You are more than charm and grace or the fierce determination that defined you so heavily as a child. You like many things, and love more still. You love the ocean, the way the waves lap softly at the shore, and you love the heat of your home. There is little more enthralling than taking the opportunity to disrobe as much as you are able to soak up the heavy rays that stream endlessly from the sky. Being outside, letting the sun deepen your already dark skin... there are few pleasures more wonderful than that.

You love parties - but then, you are Dornish. You love the burn of the wine on your tongue, the way it warms you down to your toes. You love to dance, the rhythmic way of bodies against bodies to the music so loved by your people. You are the shining star of every get together as you move from man to man, enjoy the conversation of the women you know and those you've never met. Your charm knows few limits, though those who would dare to cross you or your own will not see the angel of the dancefloor you may be known to be.

You like to be protective; you have the instinct to look after those who are weaker, those who are threatened. You will not stand to let people walk all over those who are not able to protect themselves. You are especially protective of women; though times are changing and more and more the ladies of the land are finding the respect they deserve there are still too many willing to tread on their toes. You are the only woman in Westeros in line to inherit and you have a precedent to set; women are to be revered and respected. Those in Dorne seem to understand the concept, but then they've had women rule before. It is time for everyone else to get with the program.


The recent happenings in Westeros have not touched your family directly, but they manage to make you ill. The Lannisters - while a treacherous family - are powerful, and any willing to take them on are either brave or stupid; both traits that spell danger. You are content to hope that the troubles will not venture southward and that Dorne will remain safe.

Though she is the type who wants everything her way, Arianne's duty is first and foremost to her people. She may not be ruling yet, but when the time does come she wants them all to have a reason to trust her and to think her capable. It would be a shame to leave such a proud and wonderful people wondering if their name might be sullied by poor leadership; it is a worry that she strives never to force them to burden themselves with.

Many say there is little of her father in her, but Arianne disagrees. He may see her brother as more preferable to inherit, but that is not his choice. She holds nothing against him, nor would she want to. Her life has little room for grievances, not when there is so much for her to enjoy. It would be a waste of everyone's time to hold against him his own views. Besides, he has taught her much, even in his absence. She has learned the qualities of a good ruler, and of the ability to keep ones hands in many pies while remaining balanced all the while. She may be more her Uncle's child, but she has learned her father's lessons. All that is left to do is hope they suit her in the future when she comes to rule.

PLAYER: jersey
EXPERIENCE: too much
LOCATION: murica
 Posted: Dec 13 2015, 04:20 PM
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years old
I am Echo, le admin! I primarily do skinning and coding stuff on the site. I am here if any of you have questions about rules, the plot, or joining the site!
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played by: echew


Welcome to A THOUSAND EYES AND ONE! Your application was phenomenal, we're thrilled to have you on board! Don't forget to go claim your play by, and get a plotter up!

OMFG WE HAVE NEEDED AN ARIANNE FOR SO LONG! i AM THRILLED RN! She is lovely, Jersey! I cannot wait to see her around the site!

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