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» BLOOD AND RAIN, Reyne | Bandit King
 Posted: Dec 5 2015, 03:20 AM
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years old
A bastard born BANDIT KING.
from Sunspear
played by: M-Dawg (Matthew)

It had been a mistake coming to the Vale.

The information the Bandit King had managed to gather was not worth the fight he had gotten himself into. He had been prepared for a skirmish. After all, those who lived in the North were as hard headed as the stone they lived within. It was a point of pride for many of them and the Bandit King did not discourage them from it. After all, it made them better people than those soft, fat southron lords. But in instances like this, where it was his life or theirs … he wished they would back down and surrender every once in a while.

Maybe I should surrender, the Bandit King thought to himself, as he brandished his long sword, slashing at two enemies. But he was already in too deep. The Vale had not been kind to him from the start, with winter winds harsh even through his fur cloak. Snow had started to fall, bringing frost to the tips of his fingers and nose. His horse was suffering even worse and it had delayed his travel by several weeks. The Bandit King was meant to intercept a lord carrying the banner of a trout, but by the time he had arrived at the spot, they had already moved on.

And all that was waiting for him were the remnants of his travelling company. It would have been better to turn back. Of course it would have. But if the Bandit King had reneged on his deal, it would have been even worse for his reputation. Dying would be worse for my reputation, he sighed, as he saw another soldier coming from behind. The Bandit King was fast enough to duck and weave out of the spear’s way, but he found himself on the wrong end of another man’s sword. It cut through the boiled leather plate he wore, just enough that the Dornishman felt blood seep into the folds of his clothing.

If he did not think of something soon, he would find himself more than just wounded. He backed away, one hand on his long sword, the other clutching at his wounded side. There were three soldiers left. To his credit, he had managed to cut down four of them already. But that was with the element of surprise, which was very clearly gone. From the corner of his dark eyes, the Bandit King noticed their horses, tied to a nearby tree. An idea formed in his mind. There would be only one chance at this. But if death stared him in the face, he was willing to take that chance.

“And this, Northmen,” the Bandit King grunted, feeling the taste of blood in his mouth, “is where I depart.”

The Bandit King dashed to the side and cut the ropes tying the horses together. Then, with a strike against their hind quarters they let out a loud neigh and trampled toward the soldiers, as if beckoned to move. The ice was still heavy but the horses easily pushed through it. The soldiers, not quite so. They managed to jump clear at the last moment and the Bandit King managed to grab a horse’s saddle and force himself into it. The sudden movement opened his wound up further, causing the Dornishman to let out another grunt of pain. But it had worked: he was riding away through the snow, flanked by a handful of horses, making the trek closer to the Vale.

But his eyes were as lead and his muscles were tense and sore. The battle had claimed more of him than he realised. He placed his cloak hard against the wound, making sure that his blood was no longer dripping. It would leave an obvious trail in the snow. And being followed would only end in disaster for the Bandit King. Thankfully, the other horses meant that the tracks were quickly lost in the snow. He rode hard disappearing into a nest of rocky hills, where the snow was thinner and there was more dirt. Shifting his weight, the horse veered away from the others and he was able to find a small nook in the cave. But instead of gracefully stepping off the horse, as he normally would, the Bandit King fell off and landed in the mud.

Forcing himself to crawl into the small cave mouth was a task. But one that he achieved after a great deal of exertion. He tore his cloak and tried to bind his wound. His fingers were shaking too much. He had already lost so much blood. Perhaps that was why he was hallucinating now and was seeing a woman with hair like fire step toward him. The image of her face seemed familiar to him, but it could not have been her. She was a long, long way from here. So he lifted his sword again, as high as his injury would allow and asked:

“Who goes there?”

 Posted: Dec 15 2015, 11:22 AM
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years old
The last born and only daughter of the Lord and Lady of Refort Reyne is very quiet and shy. She was sent to Kings Landing to become more social but hasn't come as out of her shell as her parents would wish. She does her duty but she just does it quietly.
from Redfort
played by: Chloe

Reyne couldn’t remember the last time she had been to The Vale. Home. She was supposed to call it home but it didn’t feel right. She had loved her mother and parts of The Redfort but it had never really felt like home. Her brothers had teased her to the point where she had only felt safe with her books and her horses. She had always kind of felt like a guest at that home and she had thought that was always going to be her fate, to never feel like she truly belonged anywhere. She had been so scared when she had been going to court, if she didn’t feel safe and comfortable around her own family how was it supposed to be any different around the Royals. It had taken the warmness of the Princess to how her that she could belong somewhere. It had taken a while and she had found her face even if it wasn’t amongst her family in the home that had been theirs forever, it was with these strangers in a keep that was most definitely not made for Redforts.

If she had felt out of place at the Redfort when she lived there it was nothing compared to the feeling that she felt when she was visiting. She had been avoiding going to The Redfort for a while now and instead just decided to socialize with her family when they came to court events and if she was being honest she kind of felt like they were alright with nothing more than that. She didn’t think she would ever bother coming home if it wasn’t for the fact that Jasper was getting married and it was basically demanded of her. She had been thankful when she had arrived at the Fort and there had a bustle of activity that she wasn’t exactly needed for o she was able to fade away and do what she wanted to do, which was seclude herself in the library or with her favorite horse just riding around the Vale.

Reyne had always been told that she was a smart girl and she liked to believe it. She didn’t know why people would say it if it wasn’t true. Afterall court wasn’t exactly known for people giving undue compliments. But it seemed like even smart girls made dumb mistakes. After her incident with the bandit and the...other bandits she had kind of stayed inside and if she really felt that restless urge that she couldn’t get rid of she would actually go out with guards. She hated feeling like she was being a bother to people she mostly chose to stay in but winter was coming and she just couldn’t help herself and needed to be outside sometimes. At least the guards didn’t really want to chat so she was spared trying to make small talk and was able to just ride. However, she seemed to forget all about that as soon as she was back in the Vale. The Vale was just so quiet and peaceful compared to the Crownlands that she didn’t feel the least bit threatened when she was out riding so she didn’t bother to take anyone. Everyone was busy anyway.

Even if the Vale didn’t feel like home she had to admit it was beautiful. The trees were thick and dense and looked like they had never been disturbed and while Reyne and her mount were running through the forest she felt relaxed and happy in a way that she hadn’t really felt in a long time. She didn’t even mind when she was out of breath because than she’d have to take in deeper inhales and she could really immerse herself in the cold sharp air and the heavy scent of pine fill her nose which just made her feel even more relaxed and wondered if she was a little premature when she brushed off the Vale. It really did have it’s charms even if it was full of her brothers and father.

She had lost track of how long she had been out on the land, but she knew that it had been the better of the day. The sun seemed to be getting lower in the sky and that meant dinner would be served soon and that was the time during the day when they would notice that she was missing. e knew that she should have started heading back toward the Redfort but something kept her urging her horse forward deeper into the woods. There weren’t really footprint but there were twigs and branches that seemed bent and broken and she was curious as to what had happened. Her horse wasn’t acting spooked so she didn’t think that it was predators so she just kept looking.

Eventually her journey brought her to a cave. She could have sworn that she saw footprints walking into the cave and her curiosity got the better of her as she dismounted from her horse and tied the reins to a tree before walking into the cave. “Hello..” she whispered into the cave wondering if she was actually speaking to anything other than some kind of animal that lived in this cave. She jumped a little when she saw the flash off steel and she felt her blood run cold as she wondered what kind of trouble she had managed to find this time. Than she realized she knew that voice and she became even more confused since she was pretty sure that he had no business in The Vale. “It’s...It’s...Reyne...Redfort and you’re….what are you doing here?” She than saw the ripped cloak around him and she blood. “What happened to you? Do you need help.” Without thinking she lifted her skirts slightly so she could rush into the cave and be next to him. “Can I help you?”

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