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Dec 16 2015, 03:17 AM

<div class="appybod"><table><td>

<div class="infocat"><b> NICKNAMES: </b> none</div>
<div class="infocat"><b> RANK: </b> nobility </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> TITLE: </b> the Lost Raven</div>
<div class="infocat"><b> AGE: </b> 22 </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> REGION: </b> crownlands </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> HOUSE: </b> house Targaryen</div>
<div class="infocat"><b> PLAYBY: </b> Andre Ziehe </div>

<div style="background: url(; width: 200px; height: 200px;"></div>

</td></table><table><div style="width: 430px; height: 350px; overflow: auto; font-size: 10px; line-height: 120%; text-align: justify; padding: 10px;">

The Blackwoods are, and have always been, numerous. Even when I was born, my father’s second son, there were many of us. Uncles and cousins and children aplenty. Although I was only the second son, it seemed I would never become lord of Raventree hall. With a brother as lordly as Brynden, perhaps that wasn’t a bad thing. Whilst Brynden was being taught how to lead by my father, and the Blackwood clan began to grow, my interests turned outwards. I still remember the first time I saw a true knight. I was still young, barely six years of age. The knights themselves weren’t anything special. Some tourney knights and their squires. No, it wasn’t the men themselves that piqued my interest. It was their fanciful armor, the painted shields, the songs they sang, and the tales they told. <p>

As a Blackwood, I was raised on the Old Gods of the North. That meant that while knights weren’t an alien concept to me, they were odd. Different. My father would have dismissed them of objects of pointless Southron whimsey, perhaps with some rude words shot at the Brackens. But I couldn’t get enough of the gallant knights, and the odd seven gods they kept. I looked for and devoured as many legends and stories as I could about knights, the Seven, and particularly the Kingsguard. Exceptional men with unmatched skill that laid their lives on the line for the kings they served. Growing up, these stories inspired me, enough that I trained as hard as I could, until I ended almost every day sore. <p>

I threw myself into my training with an impressive vigor. First, the master-at-arms taught me how to use a sword, and while I quickly grasped the basics, I became swiftly frustrated with the weapon. It didn’t suit me, and where others might give up, or just force me to continue with the sword, my teacher instead took a different approach. He gave me different weapons near every day to try out, until finally he gave me an axe. At the time, the smallest he could find in Raventree was huge, I expect he was getting desperate when he gave the weapon to me. But, perhaps due to some combination of desperation, natural talent, and stubbornness, I hefted the weapon, and trained with it every day. <p>

I was a fast growing child, by the time I was ten and three, I was taller than some fully grown men, and I didn’t stop growing there. As I grew taller, bigger, and stronger, the axe became easier to use. I began to excel at it, and I began to feel more natural and at peace with an axe in my hand. I was On my fourteenth name day, I was given an axe made specifically for me. It wasn’t fanciful, or truly that expensive, but the weapon was mine, and that was enough. That same year, I left Raventree Hall for King’s Landing to squire for Ser Myles Mooton, providing an incredible opportunity. <p>

Squiring for the Steward of the king ended up changing my life. While he taught me how to fight, he also taught me everything else I needed to know to live in King’s Landing. He taught me how to act as nobility, he taught me about the king, and told me even more stories of the incredible knightly exploits. I owe everything I am to Ser Myles Mooton. However, there was another that helped shape me, but in a far different way. I had been in King’s Landing for less than a year when I first met Aegon Targaryen. <p>

Although the prince was younger than me by a few years he and I swiftly became fast friends, forging a close bond. Although I was only the second son of a relatively minor lord, and he was the crown prince, he treated me with respect, equal of that he would treat a lord paramount, or even a member of his own family. He became my closest friend, enough that I would consider him more my brother than any of my true brothers. He helped me through many a hard time in King’s Landing. <p>

I was knighted at the age of seventeen, after only a few years in the service of Lord Mooton. I was already somewhat older than most when I entered his service, but I suspect he taught me as much as he could. Mooton was a wise man, and when I bested him more often than not in our practices, and I was a man grown, perhaps he realized it was time for me to become a full knight in my own right. He did his best to accommodate the Old Gods, but by then I had already given up on my father’s gods, instead embracing the Seven. I was knighted in a sept, with as little ceremony as possible. I wasn’t done yet, and I wanted to save the true celebrating for when I wore a white cloak. <p>

As Ser Blackwood, my life suddenly opened up before my eyes. I had many potential choices I could take. I considered returning home and rejoining my family, or perhaps, I could become a hedge knight, travelling from tourney to tourney to earn my due. It took me a while before I finally made my decision. I was going to stay with Aegon in King’s Landing. I wasn’t a true knight of the Kingsguard, but I almost acted as one for Aegon. I spent as much time as possible doing my best to protect Aegon as best as I could, while also treating him as the close friend he was and still is. <p>

I continued living as just the close friend of Prince Aegon for a few years, settling into a sort of daily ritual. This was only disrupted when Aegon was set to leave for Dragonstone. It wasn’t in and of itself surprising. Aegon was the eldest son of Rhaegar, it was no surprise that he was set to rule Dragonstone until he was king. Still, I didn’t feel right following Aegon to Dragonstone. King’s Landing had been my home for years, and Dragonstone was a place for Targaryens. I considered moving on and living my own life, until Aegon revealed his plan. A member of the Kingsguard had fallen asleep and never woken up, and the King was going to be looking for a successor. Aegon himself suggested me to the King, and before long, I was raised to the White Cloak. <p>

It felt truly right. Although I was the newest, and youngest member of the Kingsguard, I quickly fell in with them. Although I felt slightly at odds with them from the beginning. Not through any fault of theirs, of course. Each of them were knights of legend standing in the flesh in front of me, whilst I was still just the second son of the Lord Blackwood. I was no one important compared to them, yet they treated me as one of them. It was an odd sensation. Still, I had achieved my dream. I was a member of the Kingsguard. Nothing could spoil that for me. Or at least so I thought. <p>

I had first met Visenya when she was still a child, and I was only fourteen. I didn’t think of her much then. She was Aegon’s sister, but beyond that she didn’t mean much to me. Sometimes I still long for those days. When I met her again, she was much older, and she was beautiful. I could have forgotten my feelings for her, had I not been assigned to guard her and Aegon the most out of any of my brothers. I suppose the king knew of my friendship with Aegon. But it didn’t help me get over my feelings for the princess. Instead, as I spent more time with, and got to know the young woman better, my feelings only grew. At first, I ignored them as long as I could, then I dismissed them. I spent a lot of time with the princess, it was surely just natural to start to have feelings for her. Then, the truth began to sink in slowly, painfully. <p>

I was in love with my best friend’s betrothed. The woman I was sworn to protect with my life. The princess. The woman that will one day become queen of Westeros. <p>


<td><div class="infocat"><b> PLAYER: </b> silver </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> YOUR AGE: </b> 18 </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> EXPERIENCE: </b> like, 8-9 years? </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> LOCATION: </b> seattle </div></td>

<div style="width:280px;"><div class="vert"><div class="riverlands"> LUCAS BLACKWOOD</div></div>



<div class="appybod"><div class="small">ROLEPLAY SAMPLE</div><p>

As Lucas walked through the halls of the Red Keep, he pondered to himself. He cut an imposing figure, with his white cloak and armor. He’d heard of knights of the Kingsguard decorating their armor with the sigil of their house, but he couldn’t imagine it, the Kingsguard was his true family, that was clear from his vows. His armor wasn’t what was on his mind, of course. It was something else entirely, something that had been plaguing his thoughts for a while. <p>

Her smile. That was definitely the worst of it. It wasn’t a bad smile, or anything such as that. In fact, it was quite the opposite, which was more or less the problem. Everything about her was perfect, and that didn’t help Lucas very much. Surely, he had once thought, there was something about the princess that wasn’t as beautiful as everything else. Some flaw Lucas could focus on to remind himself of his place. But, Lucas knew her flaws, and they only made him care for her more. It wasn’t even just that his feelings towards her were forbidden, they were also morally wrong. <p>

His best friend was to be married to her. Lucas had wanted to make a comparison to the Knight of Tears at one point, but at least Aegon IV was a monster. Lucas’ Aegon was one of the finest men he’d ever met. How could he want the prince’s betrothed so badly when he knew the prince? He tried taking his frustrations out through his axe, spending more time practicing, but his duty required him to spend most of his time with the Prince and Princess. So, he stood outside their door. The knight stood vigilant while they dined together, laughed together, rode together. All the while secretly, desperately wishing to be in his best friend’s place. But speaking of it? That would the the worst thing possible in this situation. <p>

He had often imagined what would happen if he spoke of his feelings. In fantasies, at least the less realistic ones, things turned out almost alright. More often than not though, it was horrible. He didn’t know how the Prince or Princess would react to his feelings, but he doubted it would be a good reaction. It wasn’t as if there was no romance between the two either. They were betrothed, and it wasn’t a loveless affair, anyone that wasn’t a blind man could see that. The rides on their dragons were common, and he could never follow them. He was bound to the ground, while the two of them soared through the sky. He supposed it was somewhat fitting, but it didn’t make his position anymore bearable to notice how fitting it was. <p>

Lucas did his best to remember the tale of the Dragonknight. It didn’t give him strength as many of the stories he used to tell himself had. Instead, it reminded him of his duty. The Dragonknight did not strike down his king, no matter how horrible the king was, no matter how much he longed for the queen. He stood silently by while Aegon IV married Naerys, even whilst he wept. Finally, Aemon died serving his king honorably, as was his duty. Lucas thought about duty often as well. He had once believed that all that mattered was becoming a member of the Kingsguard. That had, at one point, been enough for him. However, since becoming an actual knight and donning the White Cloak, Lucas realized more important was his ability to do his duty. It was no longer about cementing his name in the White Book. It was about doing his duty, and serving his king. <p>

Lucas sometimes wished for war, if only for something to distract him. Lucas knew how to face foes on the battlefield. He could deal with that, and if necessary, was prepared to die on the battlefield. However, things weren’t so simple with Visenya. Lucas had never been charming, exactly. His tongue didn’t travel fast enough, and he didn’t have the natural charm a few of his brothers in white did. Some of them had mistresses, which was a shock to Lucas when he was first appointed to the Kingsguard, but now it seemed preferable to what he faced. <p>

Still, he took a deep breath, composing himself as best he could, before stepping out of the keep, heading out to greet and watch over Visenya and Aegon. The two had gone off on another one of their dragon rides, and they were expected back soon. Sure enough, he quickly saw the dark shapes on the horizon. Two dragons, side by side, close enough for the riders to speak, communicate, perhaps even touch. The knight did his best to keep his mind from imagining, more for his sake than for the riders. <p>

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