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AGE: 16
PLAYER: Rebecca
ABOUT: Pure Evil. Satanna has always been evil and a spoiled little Daddy's girl. She believes that she is a princess who deserves nothing but the finest things in life. And she will spot at nothing to get those things.
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Dec 15 2015, 08:29 PM

The Tyrell were coming! Ugh... Satanna thought to herself with a sigh as she made her way through the Oldtown markets with a mission. Her mission was simple but important. With Margaery coming Satanna just had to look her best and while trying to select something to wear for the coming days, she noticed how old her wardrobe was. It just wouldn't do for such an interaction. So she begged her Daddy to money to go shopping at Oldtown. Her usual dress maker could produce something for her within the allotted time frame. Satanna had in mind exactly what she wanted and she knew the fabric that she wanted it done in. A deep rich red fabric with a velvety texture. It would be warm in the cooler months but still look perfect on her. She envisioned herself in this deep rich color with a nice fur accent collar and beading along the bodice and skirt. This time she even spent a few hours sketching up exactly how she saw it in her mind for the dressmaker. He was good at his craft but lacked the proper imagination to envision something so regal for his client. Plus Satanna enjoyed having some input. And people always complimented her gowns so why not add that she was the creative genius behind the look.

As she walked through the market, the commonfolk parted slightly to allow her to move unobstructed. Most had learned to stay out of Princess Satanna's way as she walked. Most were even bold enough to mutter 'Bitch' as she walked past. There was one time when she actually heard the common man say it. He was bold trying to stand up to her. In the moment she did not loose her calm demeanor. Instead she turned towards the hedge knight and commanded him to kill that man in an alley. The hedge knight, at the time, was mortified at the request and initially said no. In response Satanna threw a pretty public tantrum about how he had to because Daddy said that he had to do what she said. When the hedge knight did not give in, Satanna went back to her Daddy and said that the hedge knight tried to molest her. Daddy then punished the knight and fired him. Although the man that referred to her as 'Bitch' wasn't punished, someone was punished (quite gruesomely) and that made Satanna happy. Hopefully today wouldn't be quite as eventful. Satanna hadn't really tested the resolve of her latest hedge knight. Just the usual tasks were heaped onto him. Saddle her horse, carry her when she was tired of walking, and carry her bags as they walked through the markets. He was supposed to protect her too but Satanna felt quite safe in the markets.

Glancing back towards the hedge knight for a moment before continuing on along her journey. She thought that he was quite gorgeous. His dark Dornish hair and his features made him stand out from the other hedge knights she had before him. She imaged her milky pale skin pressing against his darker skin tone. Satanna could also imagine him pressing those strong hands against her body but that is where the fantasy ended. She had never been further than a touch mostly thanks to Daddy and to her own needs. Although she wasn't saving herself for marriage, she was waiting for the right moment. Her maidenhood could have been a good bargaining chip so that Daddy could find her a prince for a husband. Daddy still wasn't sharing any information about her prospects.

Pausing as she noticed something on one the tables. She picked up the necklace while carefully studying the gem stones. The center one was a gorgeous rub, cut to create shimmer. The merchant smiled and complimented her taste in jewelry, which made Satanna smile. Again she glanced back at Maron. "What do you think? I want it to add to my appearance and outshine anything that Margaery could bring." She wanted the gem to dance the fine like between too much and not enough. Wrapping the necklace around her neck while letting the gem drop to its finally resting spot. She wondered if it drew too much attention to her cleavage. With Margaery, it wasn't about showing off her perfect breasts, but more about showing how wealthy she was. "The dress maker will have to make sure that the gem is showing with my dress. Do you think that it will end up being too low?" Her question was followed by a rush of compliments, clearly he was trying to drum up a sale, which no longer impressed Satanna. "Whatever... its probably fake." She commented while dropped the necklace, letting it land wherever, before she continued on again. The man selling the necklace would pick it up if it fell.

The dress maker was up ahead anyways. Best to get the dress started before worrying about accessories.

Dec 13 2015, 07:23 AM
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<div class="firstwanted3">LORD DURWELL
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So Satanna needs her Daddy. Yes even at 16 years old she still calls him Daddy. He has spoiled his little girl beyond belief but only because he loves her and wants her to be happy. Anything she wants he will gladly get it for her. Lord Durwell has only been married once (to Satanna’s mother) and he got married at an older age. Because House Durwell isn’t a large house and is known for being livestock thieves, it took him a while to find a willing woman. Mostly he had to bribe the lady. (Also Lord Durwell has made the house very rich because he is smart with his investments). Once Satanna was born he did not want a wife but instead he focused all of his love onto that baby girl. Over the years it had evolved into a less than healthy relationship. Satanna is gorgeous and she wants his attention so she stops at nothing to get it. There have been moments where Satanna paraded herself around the dinner table wearing nothing but her smallclothes because she wanted him to send away whatever mistress he was sleeping with at the time. The worst part is that it worked. He loves his daughter a little too much. He is weak for her, which he hates. He shouldn’t have these feelings towards his daughter. Recently he has decided to find her a good husband so that he can get her out of his sight. Hopefully he will be able to find her a good husband even with her reputation. </p>
Name and face are completely open. Lord Durwell is an older male so someone older would have to be it. We can plot further if you are interested! Satanna is just evil and needs her evil Daddy at her side/Maybe in her bed.</p>

<div style="width: 300px; position: relative; left: 140px; top: 50px;"><a href="" style="font-size: 10px; color:#333; text-align: right;">●</a><a href="" style="font-size: 10px; color: #222; text-align: right;">●</a></div>
Dec 12 2015, 07:23 AM
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Friends Is it even possible for someone to really be this girl’s friend? Satanna is just evil and annoying. Any friends that she would have would be people that either her father paid to hang around or someone of noble birth keeping up with appearances. Although House Durwell isn’t a large house, it is a wealthy house so some try to stay within its good graces. Satanna is spoiled and she is a Daddy’s girl. Anything she wants, Daddy will buy for her. As a child she used to walk around with a tiara on so people would know that she was a princess. She has left the Reach before and her father would have interacted with larger houses. Most of her current “friend” would probably be within the reach because she couldn’t be bothered to keep up with writing letters.</p>
EnemiesThere will be quite a few of these. Mostly people that she has pissed off or annoyed when they met. The possibilities are endless. Did they visit House Durwell and witness one of Satanna’s legendary tantrums? Did she visit them and basically demand princess treatment? Were they a former employee of her father and had to interact with her on a daily basis. Basically she is manipulative and evil. So she would love to have some people to “play” with. This category will be so much fun for this evil little girl.</p>
Lovers Satanna is gorgeous. Her body is perfect and she just loves to flaunt it for anyone that she has her eye on. Currently there are two men in her life that she really wants attention from. Her Daddy and her new hedge knight. She will stop at nothing for their attention. However one day she will be married and her Daddy is currently working on a betrothal. She wants someone powerful, exciting, and doesn’t live in the North but I fear with her reputation she is going to end up miserable. Either way she will boldly flirt with anyone she deems attractive but she still is a maiden. </p>


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<div style="width: 180px; text-align: center; font-family: arial; word-spacing: 2px; text-transform: uppercase; color: #000; font-size: 8px; line-height: 100%; letter-spacing: 2px; ">16, Pure Evil, Daddy’s Girl</div>


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<div style="width: 440px; text-align: right; font-family: arial; font-size: 7px; text-transform: uppercase; line-height: 100%; padding-top: 2px;">THANKS ♥</div>

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Dec 7 2015, 09:01 PM

<div class="appybod"><table><td>

<div class="infocat"><b> NICKNAMES: </b> Satan, Daddy’ Girl </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> RANK: </b> Nobility</div>
<div class="infocat"><b> TITLE: </b> Aspiring Princess </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> AGE: </b> Sixteen </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> REGION: </b> The Reach </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> HOUSE: </b> Daddy or House Tyrell </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> PLAYBY: </b> Taylor Marie Hill</div>

<div style="background: url(; width: 200px; height: 200px;"></div>

</td></table><table><div style="width: 430px; height: 350px; overflow: auto; font-size: 10px; line-height: 120%; text-align: justify; padding: 10px;">

When the maester asked Lord Durwell if it was acceptable for him to unborn child even at the cost of its mother's life, there was little debate within himself. Lord Durwell accepted that the child should be saved over his wife. It had taken him many years to finally get a wife and then conceive a child so he was not about to lose the future heir to his house. Granted the maester also pointed out that his wife may survive the removal of the child but could die of infection at a later date. The baby would survive no matter what he did. Lord Durwell sat in front of the fireplace in his library and just waited until the halls echoed with the sound of an infant screaming. Then he just waited to be brought the news. The assistant to the maester came to his room several moments later and informed the Lord of House Durwell that he had a daughter. At first he was disappointed until the child was brought to him. He saw how perfect she was. There was a moment of instant bonding before the maester took the child to be fed by the wet nurse. He could have found himself another wife and potentially had another child (hopefully a son), however in that evening he changed his mind about wanting such things. Right now he only wanted to spend time with that baby girl. The girl’s mother died shortly after giving birth without her husband by her side. <p>

Growing up without a mother never really bothered Satanna. To her it meant that she was her father's focus and there were no other women to distract him from doting on his daughter. She loved it when her Daddy doted on her. Whenever he had to leave for more than a couple of hours, he would always return with either a new toy, doll, or dress for his princess. If he had to visit the capital then he would take Satanna long with him and spoil her once they got there. Because of this she developed a taste for fashion and fine garments made from the finest silks and gems. To this day, Satanna will not be caught wearing something tattered or out of style. The traveling also exposed her to many of the other noble children like herself. Most were from larger houses though. It stired a strange competition in Satanna's mind because she couldn't let these girls be better than her. House Durwell was equally as important as House Tyrell or Targaryen. She made sure that Daddy bought her new things whenever they entered a new city. Satanna always looked the part of a princess, even going as far as wearing a tiara as a child.</p>

One of the cats that lived in the stable became pregnant and grew quite large. Satanna was at an age where she was quite curious about where babies came from. She watched the cat and would feed it scraps from the kitchen to make it grow bigger. Finally the litter of kitten was born. There were 6 baby kittens in totally. So small and mewing for their mommy. Satanna gathered them up (once they had been cleaned off) and brought them up to her bedroom to enjoy them further. At first they just sort of wandered around with their eyes shut while making that cute little mewing sound but then they got louder and louder until they sorta stopped. Granted it took a few days before they stopped mewing. Each day they grew weaker and the people that ran the stables were searching high and low for the babies. Watching the people search was amusing. They were so concerned about kitten! Kitten that Satanna knew were weak but so cute. When things grew up they were no longer cute. She learned this through watching her first puppy grow up into this ugly dog that farted a lot and the pony that grew up and constantly needed to be brushed. Then again she would grow into a beautiful woman, that part she was sure of. But animals always got ugly after growing up and having babies. Even at her young age, she knew that she didn’t want children. Who would honestly want to subject their bodies to such things? Motherhood was never on her mind as a real thing. Since her own mother died, she could never really relate to such activities. Even carrying for those kittens didn’t click. It was more fun to watch them grow weak until they could only mew instead of move. Then they stopped mewing. At first she wasn’t sure what to do with the dead things so she made her current hedge knight dispose of them. He probably just tossed them in the forest for some animal to eat. Or whatever. They were no longer her problem.</p>

ALL of the tutors her father brought her were also SO EXTREMELY BORING. Satanna always found herself listening to some old guy give a lecture on the different houses. There never seemed to be much of a point to memorizing facts such as each houses’ motto and sigil. Daddy made her sit through her lessons and some of it was retained. Enough to give her a basic working knowledge but she isn't any sort of genius. There was one point where she went through a phase where all she wanted to do was read. Satanna went through stretches of likes and dislikes. The reading phase only lasted a few days before she got bored. After that there was a period where she actually enjoyed sewing and putting together her own garments. She had a natural talent however eventually she grew bored with that. There were also times when she did nothing but go riding, or worked in the garden. Nothing had lasted very long. As her interest wane, Satanna usually jumps to the next new thing. Sewing is something she will still do every once in a while if she really had to entertain herself. </p>

There was one tutor that Satanna really hated. Like hated with a fiery burning passion. This one was actually a septa, so a woman. More specifically she was an older lady that fell under the spinster type. Her fingers were bony and she was all motherly. Constantly correcting Satanna about her posture, her hand location, her eye rolling, etc.. And this woman managed to see through the first few attempts to get rid of her. Eventually Satanna decided to lure her in with a false sense of security. She actually began to behave to this woman's standards. Sitting like a lady and smiling. This charade had to last a while, which was painfully difficult for Satanna. The Septa began to lower her guard and Satanna started to pull little things. Sticking the woman's sewing needles in her chair so that the woman would sit on the point. Things that looked like small accidents that could not be traced back to the young girl. These things continued to happen until the woman's pillow "accidentally" caught on fire while she was sleeping. Faining innocence when the Septa confronted her about it. Another accident happened shortly after that one and again Satanna played innocent. The Septa had her suspicions but couldn't prove anything. It was very obvious that the child in her charge was just the beginning of evil. The next "accident" involved a butcher's knife that fell from the shelf and caused a deep gash in the Septa's arm. This time there was no question who the culprit was. But there was no proof so even though the Septa finally accuse Satanna of the act no one could confirm it. Finally the Septa left. </p>

The next Setpa only lasted half of the time as the previous one. Then the following one barely made it a full week before running from the castle screaming. There were a couple more that followed and at the request of her father she tried to play nice with them. All she would do was set down the ground rules and hope that they followed. No one ever did because Satanna's rules and demands were ridiculous and thus none have ever lasted. People do talk though. Rumors that the daughter of the Lord in the House Durwell is a spoiled princess (to put it nicely). People are willing to accept jobs in House Durwell only because of the pay. He has gotten smarter over the years. Recently he put into place that the full value of the contract won't get paid until it is complete. Thus if you don't stay for the appointed time then you don't get paid.</p>

It was during her teenage years when Satanna really started to understand her body and what her father was doing with the parade of women that would come and go through his bedroom. Her current tutor very vaguely gave her the details on what a married couple did when they were intimate and added that one day she would do the same with her husband. It created children and her husband would want many sons from her. All Satanna heard was that some other woman was getting attention from her Daddy. Satanna wanted that attention. She was never keen on sharing. Each time there was a new mistress lurking around the house, Satanna did her best to keep her father's attention. Mostly through crying and pouting until he came to her rescue. There were a million excuses that she had waiting for when she banged on his bedroom door while screaming "DADDY!". Each mistress never stayed long and each time her father had a prospect wife then Satanna really pulled out all of the stops to ensure that the marriage didn't happen. At one point there was a woman and a potentiality marriage that was actually looking like it was going to work out. This woman was able put up with Satanna's bratty ways and event attempted to mitigate a couple of her interference attempts. All she did was piss off the young princess. Acting like her mother when Satanna's mother was dead and never meant to be replaced. The final straw came when her father's future wife actually sent Satanna to her room without dessert. That was the absolute final straw. Nothing would stop her from ridding her father of this woman. Her plan was actually pretty simple and she was surprised that she didn't think of it sooner. Satanna made the current hedge knight that was working for them slap her really hard and leave a mark across her face. Then she went crying to her Daddy and told him that his future wife did this to her. Her father was wrapped around her finger so he instantly believed her without even questioning his future wife. Lord Durwell did not get married again. </P>

Her own body started to change in ways that she expected. Of course she knew that her breasts would grow and hips would fill out. However she did not expect the reaction that she got. Her Daddy started to look at her differently. His gaze lingering longer and longer on her ever changing body. He ordered her new dresses and smallcloths to fit her new shape. Satanna made sure that each new gown flaunted her new assets. Other men started to look at her too. She would notice them sneaking glancing when they thought she wasn't looking. Once in a while she would catch them. Calling them out for staring at her. To torment them she would demand that they admit it and then demand that they complement her. If they did well then she wouldn't report them to Daddy. Only a couple got reported, only because Satanna didn't like them in general. They were either too strange or smelly. It was amusing the way that most men squirmed when she caught them. Teasing them about it only made them more nervous. Some didn't want to lose such a well-paying job or they feared the punishment because they knew that Satanna could lie to her Daddy about what actually happened. Most of the hedge knights quit the job before their contract was up. </P>

Soon just catching them looking was not enough of a thrill for Satanna. She wanted them to touch her. In fact she demanded that some of them were required to touch her in ways that a hedge knight really shouldn't. Either she wanted help washing her back, or getting into her dress, or rubbing her feet because she was tired. Her demands were basically endless. Once she demanded that her hedge knight carry her from her bedroom down to the stables where she was going to go for a ride. When they arrived at the stables, she just gave him this look and pointed to the saddle. Although she knew how to put it on there was little point to her making the effort when there was someone there being paid to. He gave her a confused look while waiting for instructions, which was a mistake on his part. His look was then followed by a 20 minute rant about how he should have known to put the saddle on her pony for her. Once her pony was saddled her response was to just walk away and venture back inside. All of the yelling made her tired so she was no longer in the mood for a ride.</p>

Daddy's gaze was really what drove Satanna wild. She loved those blue eyes and seeing how they looked so strong. However she wasn't one of those girls to tremble at the thought of someone admiring her. She only played it up further. Whenever he would look away or look to another mistress, Satanna threw more elaborate tantrums than in her earlier years. She was fast approaching the time when her father should have been considering finding her a husband. Unlike other women, Satanna didn't want a husband. She wanted her Daddy and she wanted him all to herself. Whenever she spotted a woman anywhere near her Daddy she would set some sort of plan in motion. When she was younger that usually meant bagging on his door and interrupting. As a growing woman she learned other ways to get it attention. Once she wore only her smallclothes to dinner in front of her Daddy. He couldn't take his eyes off of her that whole meal. Another time she made her hedge knight rape the woman her father brought home. Of course she promised the hedge knight that he wouldn't get in trouble. However she set it up so that her Daddy would walk in during the sex. He was pissed beyond all belief and had the hedge knight flogged before dismissing him from his service. Then he refused to touch the woman because she had been defiled. Her Daddy liked innocence in his woman (real or fake). </p>

Recently there have been two new people contracted to work for her Daddy. A new hedge knight and another new tutor. The tutor has yet to peak Satanna's interests and is also very boring. However the new hedge knight is quite attractive. She enjoys their time together, even though it is painfully obvious to her that he wants to be near her. He has been following her closely every since he arrived and she had been putting on the charm for him. She had yet to even threaten him with going to Daddy about something he had done wrong! Daddy's interest in her have also been dwindling. He mostly stays in his study with the maester and she had a feeling that he is making arrangements for her to get married. His distraction has been extremely annoying to Satanna. A husband doesn't sound like something she wants because she wants Daddy. No husband will ever be her Daddy. Thus a plan to get Daddy's attention back has been plaguing her thoughts. Her usual tricks haven't been working on him so she needs something greater. Something like loosing her virginity to the new hedge knight...</p>


<td><div class="infocat"><b> PLAYER: </b> Rebecca </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> YOUR AGE: </b> 26 </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> EXPERIENCE: </b> A couple of years</div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> LOCATION: </b> New England </div></td>

<div style="width:280px;"><div class="vert"><div class="reach"> SATANNA DURWELL</div></div>



<div class="appybod"><div class="small">ROLEPLAY SAMPLE</div><p>
Carellen Smallwood. Do I need to do a post even if I have dropped that character?

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