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ABOUT: Your friendly neighbourhood spiderman, aspiring viking and professional time waster. I'm here at odd times because I live in the future - yes the one where you meet a mysterious stranger and take a journey. I'm also here to help.
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Nov 18 2015, 03:08 PM


Welcome, once more, to ATEAO's spotlights! Just fill out the code below with your nominations for each category! Try not to give the same names as the people before you, unless you have something else to say about how amazing they are. We love getting variety in our polls, and giving everyone an opportunity to be in the spotlight! Do not nominate yourself! Unless it is for a duo, you need to name someone besides yourself.

May the nominations begin!!

P.S. While we prefer you to have all of your nominations in at the time of you posting, sometimes a TBA/TBD needs to be given so you can think about the choices. But PLEASE DO NOT FORGET TO EDIT!!

[b]MEMBER[/b]: the player that has just outshone everyone!
[b]MALE[/b]: Give the male character that impresses you most
[b]FEMALE[/b]: Same as before … but with girl bits
[b]DUO[/b]: This can be friends, enemies, lovers - basically anything. Who has the best dynamic?
[b]QUOTE[/b]: Give a quote from a post that just stuck with you.
Oct 22 2015, 05:56 PM

Rhaenna is the perfect puff Belle.

Sarella is Mulan

Alaena is Lady

Elyse is Rapunzel

Brea is Jessica Rabbit

Robb is Elsa

Feb 12 2015, 05:17 PM
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<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='about' name='tab-group-1' checked><label for='about'>A</label><div class='content'>
<div class="one"><h1>ABOUT</h1><h2>oswin's fledglings</h2></div><div class="two">

So this here is a plotter for all my little creations, the marvelous creations some could say. Or not, but I do. So there's probably going to be more sooner or later. Don't judge me I have no self control. Or know the ability on how to say no. OKay so it has long since been agreed that I have too many characters, and it's a problem, I'm seeking help I promise. Fite me... and then plot with me. SO IT WAS WRITTEN AND THEN DONE LETS GO.

<p><b>Rhaenna Targaryen</b>, 15, Alexis Ren, Crownlands Princess
<p><b>Alaena Harlaw</b>, 33, Erin Heatherton, Iron Islands Lady
<p><b>Sarella Sand</b>, 18, Kelly Gale, Dornish Sand Snake/Acolyte
<p><b>Serra Fell</b>, 20, Katherine McNamara, Stormlands, Captive
<p><b>Elyse Arryn</b>, 15, Aarika Wolf, The Vale, Lady
<p><b>Brea</b>, 22, Elle Liberachi, Pentos, Courtesan
<p><b>Robb Stark</b>, 16, Lasse Hansen, The North, Aspiring Ranger


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-1' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-1'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Rhaenna Targaryen</h1><h2>15, Alexis Ren, Crownlands Princess</h2></div><div class="two">

<b>Rhaenna Targaryen</b>, the silver haired princess who's all sugar spice and everything nice. Coming from a big family such as hers she has learned from early on about compromises, she ADORES her siblings, her harp and of course her massive she wolf that is always on her heels.
<b>Rhaea</b> is a devout reader, she loves the written word and cannot seem to get enough of it. There have been a few times that she has over spoken her septa or corrected her on subjects, because - well she just knew more on it. She loves travelling and putting her knowledge into practice. <b>Rhae</b> is one of the kids that's egg never hatched. Now it sits on her mantel gathering dust and is used as a paper weight more often than not. Soz dad.
But YES, <b>Rhaea</b> is a very friendly and charming person. A little bit of a daddy's girl, <b>Rhaenna</b> never had a mould like Vis that she had to so openly fit into. So she was free to be a music loving sap who likes history more than she does suitors, and could run around with with direwolves and be who she was without having someone who she was meant to be.


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-2' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-2'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Alaena Harlaw</h1><h2>33, Erin Heatherton, Iron Islands Lady</h2></div><div class="two">

This is <b>Alaena Harlaw</b>, nee Penrose. She has a Family of four, including her husband Rodrik, with Kristoff, Eiya and Aaric. All of which need constant supervision to make sure they stay out of trouble. <b>Alaena</b> traveled for most of her formative years, originally from the Stormlands, she was a lady to the Queen until six and ten.
That was until she had the misfortune of being in the wrong place at the wrong time, <b>Alaena's</b> life was then turned upside down. Both metaphorically and physically. She was dragged from her ship and taken aboard a Harlaw raiding party. She became a salt wife to the Reader of the Ten Towers.
Kris was born before she married Rodrik, with so many sons and cousins of Harlaw, Kristoff will always remain a Pyke. It kills her inside. Eiya makes her heart bleed every time she looks at her because she is a miniature version of her husband. Aaric is the baby of the family, and in my biased opinion is a lot more like her in personality. He's super chill and likes to joke around. <b>Alaena</b> is also working on being the most embarrassing mum ever. So keep an eye out for that.


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-3' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-3'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Sarella Sand</h1><h2>18, Kelly Gale, Dornish Sand Snake/Acolyte</h2></div><div class="two">

This my dear fellows is a riddle wrapped up in a mystery. <b>Sarella Sand</b> is one side of a coin and is the youngest <i>Sand Snake</i>. She is level headed and controlled, her main point of strength is her intelligence. However nice intelligence is, it will only get one so far in battle. So she picked up the bow, basically she's the modern day Legolas. Or so she tells herself, she has a shrine and everything.
<b>Sarella</b> is very confident in herself, knows what she is doing and has a sure hand. She loves strategy and likes manipulating people like you would in a game. She watches before she strikes, learning her opponents weakness. Not very good if you want a shoulder to cry on or sympathy. That stuff completely goes over her head, because she will just give you hard facts and tell you the truth. What? She's not into deluding yourself make people feel better. It doesn't help you in the long run and you have to face reality sooner or later.
Then of course there is <b>Alleras</b>, who is currently in Oldtown studying to become a Maester. He has forged two links already, one of copper (History) and the other of silver (Medicine and healing). Often described as a comely lad, intelligent and focused. He is known as the <i>Sphinx</i>. He says he's not a nobles son cough <s>*princes</s> and is very easy to get along with. Right now he is studying magic under Measter Merwyn (not many people like this, but yolo)
She has a thirst for learning, she has always liked finding out how things worked. There is something extremely satisfying about fully understanding a device or motives. Her mother is a merchant on a ship called the <i>Feathered Kiss</i>, <b>Sarella</b> spent a year aboard her mothers ship and traveled along with her. She went to Lemonwood after that, learning what she could from the Maester there before she decided to sneak off to the Citadel. That was where she met Maron Sand, her now paramour, who secretly sneaks into the Citadel to see her. Shh. Don't tell anyone.


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-4' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-4'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Serra Fell</h1><h2>20, Katherine McNamara, Stormlands, Captive</h2></div><div class="two">



<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-5' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-5'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Elyse Arryn</h1><h2>15, Aarika Wolf, The Vale, Lady</h2></div><div class="two">

Elyse is what many people call a dreamer. She has been trapped up inside the Eyrie for her entire life, and the only way she has been able to live was through the pages of her books but that can only sustain a person for so long. TBA


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-6' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-6'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Brea</h1><h2>22, ELLE LIBERACHI, PENTOS, COURTESAN</h2></div><div class="two">

<b>Brea</b> here is stunning, lets not kid ourselves. And because of this, it's basically her job. She attends high class parties on the arm of important foreign ambassadors, diplomats and traders. Whispering in their ear, flaunting those cheekbones and basically being a babe the whole time. Most of the locals aren't too fussed with her, as when she was young <b>Brea</b> was the maiden of the Sea. What's that you ask? Well settle down and listen in my friends, I'm about to tell you a story.
In Pentos the city is run by a Prince and a council of Magisters. The Prince is mostly for ceremonial purposes but every new year he has to deflower a maiden of the sea and a maiden of the fields. Enter a 13 year old <b>Brea</b>, normally the extent of their role ended after that but the Prince with her was very superstitious and in the end kept both of them for the extent of his rule. Until of course everything went to shit, so there was a drought and famine and basically all the people were in uproar, so in an attempt to get things back under control (and to keep his head) he intended to sacrifice his two maidens to the gods. BUUUUT of course that went to shit when he got his throat slit in the middle of the ceremony.
Anywhowhatnot, what I am trying to say is <b>Brea</b> became taboo after that. No one opened their doors to her for for a year until she was taken into what she thought was a pleasure house - but it was really much more. SO she is a COURTESAN, not a whore. Basically she is a free woman who can choose her loves and in Pentos, it is a huge honour for a high class courtesan such as her to pick you as one.
<b>Brea</b> is a very laid back person, passion and seduction runs through her veins and before you ask- no she can turn it off. Being flirtatious and touchy is a part of her personality, even if she isn't coming on to you. Most wives don't like her, to say the least - or they like her more than they do their husbands. To each their own. <b>Brea</b> is a lover, first and foremost. She has a soft heart and it's easy for her to lend affection and fall in love deeply. It has gotten her hurt many times but, say la vie. SO PLOT WITH HER YES?


<div class='tab'><input type='radio' id='person-7' name='tab-group-1'><label for='person-7'><img src=""></label><div class='content'><div class="one"><h1>Robb Stark</h1><h2>16, Lasse Hansen, The North, Aspiring ranger</h2></div><div class="two">

<b>Robb Stark</b> here, for a run down version of someone who doesn't want to read his app - I know I don't - is this AU's version of Jon Snow. A legitimized, slightly different parentage, and a whole different name. Well in sorts this Robb is a little screwed over too. Not in the sense, like his namesake was (invited to a red wedding or involved in a coup with several more holes) but I digress...
<b>Robb</b> is the first born that every parent wants - or more, lords, normally - but he isn't going to inherit. Nor did he ever leave to squire - damn Northern traditions. So he has pretty much been up in the North his entire life. Not that he's complaining, it's how he was raised and it's pretty much like every Northerner. Not everyone is as fortunate to have relatives that ride giant lizards down to see them every once in a while.
He is dutiful, calm and collected and utterly resilient. He wants to go and follow in his uncle Benjen's footsteps and join the wall, and you can guess how that went down with his family.<b> Robb</b> wants to do something of worth with himself, and while being at home with his family is comforting. He is not really working towards any greater good.
He is a man of action, not words. He has been trying to persuade his grandfather on the notion, but they are too alike for their own good for him to move on his opinion in the matter. Like trying to beat blood from a rock, basically. What h's really scared of is one day waking up and finding out there is a betrothal waiting for him somewhere. Cough <s>like Sansa</s> so he has been trying to make his decision before it is made for him.
Vargo is Robb's direwolf, the white beat with red eyes. He is as silent as his human counterpart, and really only comes out of his shell for Night. Yet whereas Robb will never lead, Vargo is the alpha of the pack of wolves that call Winterfell home.
So yes, come and plot with a quiet and polite guy that really needs to step out of his shell more and find out what he should do with himself.


</div></div><div style='margin-top:8px; width:100%; text-align:center; font-family:calibri; font-size:8px; color:#777; line-height:100%; letter-spacing:2px;'> © LOUIS! </div></center>[/dohtml]
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