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AGE: 16
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ABOUT: The only daughter of Mace and Alerie Tyrelle Margaery has known a life full of happiness and luxury. Spoiled by her parents but educated by her grandmoter she is a girl that no one doubts is going places.
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Dec 16 2015, 11:10 AM

In this AU everything is crazy. Rhaegar Married Cersei. Lyanna died and Robert spent the next...many years mourning her until eventually Robert married Margaery. .

There was a slight breeze blowing over the yard. It was the perfect kind of breeze, enough to make Marge’s curls dance in the wind but warm enough to not make her wish she had a cloak or anything. It really was a perfect day and Marge was pleased that her new husband had decided to host one of his tournaments and that meant that she got to spend the whole day outside watching the fighting. She had grown up around watching Tourneys, she couldn’t not since she was a Tyrell and one of her first memories was of Loras demanding that she watch him fight. However, she had never seen anything like her Lord husband standing above all others with his great horned helmet and his warhammer. Seeing him standing like that made her wish that all the people that had asked her why she would marry someone twice her age could see him now, than she was sure all questions would be answered. Not only was he Lord Paramount of the Stormlands but he was a very attractive man.

It had been a week since their wedding ceremony and it had been a week long of celebrations. Margaery had loved all of the festivities and she was kind of wondering what life was going to be like once everything calmed down. She figured life amongst the Baratheons would never be boring but it was something she was going to have to wait to find out for sure, even if that was going to happen soon, but not today. Today was a day of celebration and Margaery was going to love every second of it. Her throat felt a little raw from cheering for him and she could feel the palms of her hands still stinging from clapping but when all was said and done Lord Baratheon was the winner of the tournament and Margaery was the first one on her feet cheering for him.

She wanted to see him as soon as the fighting was done but she quickly overtaken by her cousins who wanted to gossip about some of the knights they had seen. Margaery could never tell her cousins not, so instead of going directing to her husband’s tent she spent some time with her cousins and when she left Megga was flirting with the Swann heir while Elinor and Alla were talking to Lord Penrose’s sons. She was glad that they all seemed happy and she was able to slip away and find the gold and black stag banner above the black and gold tent that she knew was Robert’s. After a brief word with the guards outside she was allowed inside.

His back was turned when she walked in and Margaery took a moment to admire his broad shoulders and strong back and let the pride that he was her husband sink in. When she felt like she couldn’t stand there anymore without it being odd she cleared her throat. When he turned toward her she smiled sweetly at him as she crossed over to him and rested her hand on his shoulder. “You were truly something to see out there.” She rubbed his shoulder a little squeezing them softly hoping to relieve some tension that she was positive. “You really did show everyone out there you really are as furious as a storm.”

They were a political match. He was a Baratheon she was Tyrell and both houses benefited from their union. They had barely known each other before they married and there was the age difference. Margaery had never been one of those girls who dreamed of love, she dreamed of prestige and she had found that with Lord Robert, but that didn’t mean she wanted to be unhappy with her marriage and one of the things she had realized already was that Robert enjoyed it when she praised him which was something she was all too happy to do. “I was very proud to know that it was my husband out there.”


Nov 5 2015, 01:02 PM

Margaery’s eyes scanned the letter on more time. It had been a risky move inviting Lord Edmure to come to highgarden so they could discuss the future of their houses but to Margaery it seemed worth it. She was the only daughter of House Tyrell and that meant that deserved a great lord and as far as she was concerned there was no greater house than Tully for her. Politically speaking it was an ideal match and she was surprised her father hadn’t figured that out Than again her father was many things but a political genius wasn’t one of them. He probably would have wasted her on a bannerman if he was left to his own devices and that was unacceptable to Margaery so she had decided to take things into her own hands and invite the Tully heir to highgarden. She didn’t know for sure if he had been thinking of marriage when he had written to her father but she felt like it was a safe guess that he was. It was the fastest and easiest way to secure an alliance.

She had finally written to her father who was at the Arbor to tell him that they had a guest. She may have not asked permission to invite Edmure Tully to their home. It should have been Mace inviting a man into their home, but he had been gone and Margaery didn’t want to wait for that. She didn’t think taking her life into her own hands was a bad thing. Her grandmother didn’t seem to be upset and eveyone knew that it was really Lady Olenna who ran Highgarden. Her mother didn’t seem to mind since she had enjoyed playing hostess and it had been a while since she had been able to do that for someone who wasn’t from the Reach. If Margaery knew her mother she was already planning elaborate dinners that would show off the wealth of the reach. Even if the Lord of HIghgarden was absent the castle was preparing itself for it’s guest and Margaery was in the center of it all trying to make sure everything was perfect.

She had decided that she was going to spend her morning sampling the wines they had in their stores and pick which ones she would want to be served during his visit. Not only did she want Edmure Tully to see what she had to offer as a woman, her wits and beauty, but also what her house had to offer. They may not have had as much gold as the Lannisters, no one did, but they had other resources to offer. She needed to show off the wealth and the bounty of the reach and show him how much he wanted to have The Reach aligned with the Riverlands. She had small samples of all the wines they had a sheet of paper and a quill so she could write down the ones she preferred and would want to have served.

She was just taking a sip of arbor red when she heard the door open and she glanced up and smiled when she saw her brother Garlan walking in. She smiled when she saw him and put her glass down with a small clink on the polished wood. Garlan was someone she hadn’t told yet another invitation. She had been more concerned with making sure her mother had time to prepare and that Loras wouldn’t challenge Edmure the moment he saw him and try to prove something by hurting him. Garlan was easy going sweet brother so she wasn’t too worried about him. Telling him was on her list of things to do it was just not on the top. Maybe she could just do it now since he had found her. She grinned up at him and pushed some of her loose curls behind her ears. “Hello Brother. I am just trying to decide what kind of wine to serve to our guest.” There was always a chance that he had heard about what had happened. They weren’t exactly an easy group to keep secrets from. “If you aren’t busy maybe you can help me? I’d love to have a man’s perspective.”

She continued looking up at Garlan while she glanced over at the glasses on the table. “Maybe I should try for some of the dryer wines. The grapes in the riverlands are supposed to be tart and all of these are a little on the sweeter side..” She looked up from the glasses and tilted her head a little. Garlan looked strange and like she had never seen him looking before. “ something wrong you seem...unhappy.” Her middle brother always seemed so happy and joyful. It was odd to see him not smiling.



Nov 1 2015, 01:42 PM

Margaery’s lips pursed slightly as she studied the map she had spread out on the table. She wasn’t sure why she was staring at it. She had had it memorized and had done so a while a go. She knew the lands and she knew the people well enough, or at least which houses were located and who had what resources. The time had long since passed for her to have some sort of prospect of marriage and she had none. Part of her thought that her father was putting it off because he wanted to keep her close. She knew her parents had wanted a daughter for a long time and now that they had one they would have been reluctant to let her marry outside of the Reach. She loved her father but he wasn’t as politically minded as she would have liked and he would have rather had her stay close and with someone who feared him instead of creating a useful alliance. He had gotten a Princess for his heir and that was really all he seemed to care about. Margaery knew that if she was going to find a match that she found suitable she was going to have to do it herself. She had spent hours thinking about it and the Tullys of Riverrun seemed like the best match. It had her grandmother’s seal of approval and she knew they would be able to sway her father like they had done countless times before.

She trailed the tip of her finger around the border of the Riverlands. She had read more about the Riverlands in the last few weeks to prepare herself for the meeting she had set up. Her father had not returned from the arbor so he didn’t know about their upcoming guest and a little part of her was dreading telling him. It was very much unlike her to do this but she knew that she would be able to make her father see that what she was doing was right. Not just for her and not just for her family but for everyone of The Reach. This was a great move and she hoped that once he got over her reading his letters behind his back hand taking her future in her hands he would be proud of her. Her grandmother was proud and that was the most important thing to Margaery.

Her grandmother’s approval was important to her but it wasn’t the only approval she needed. Margaery had always been close to her brothers and she didn’t want to do anything that they wouldn’t like. She was pretty sure that Willas would be able to see the see the wisdom of a match with her and the Riverlands. Garlan was always so easy going she wasn’t too concerned. Besides, Garlan seemed to have his head in the clouds since he had found a ring he wanted to give to Lynette Fossoway. The one she was most worried about was Loras. Not only did her youngest older brother have a bit of a protective streak but he also tended to speak with his sword and was very eloquent when he decided to use it. She needed to make sure that Loras was on board enough so that he wouldn’t go running at Edmure Tully with a sword. She needed to talk to Loras and she needed to do it soon. She tapped her finger against Riverrun on the map and smiled admiring the way that the rose on her ring looked next to the trout on her map.

Thankfully she knew exactly where she could find Loras. He was almost always in the training yard. She liked that her brother was predictable it made it a lot easier for her to find him whenever she needed him. With one final tap of her finger she left the map and table and walked the familiar path to the training yard. When she got there she wasn’t surprised when she saw Loras training as hard as ever. She leaned up against the fence and watched with pride as her brother took out opponent after opponent. Her grandmother had always said that the Tyrell’s house words were silly but Margaery didn't know how anyone could look at them and not see that they were a strong family and only growing stronger.

She waited until her brother was taking a break before she called out. “LORAS!” When she got his attention she waved to him smiling. “Loras? Can you manage to take a break for your sister? I have something I need to ask you.”



Sep 29 2015, 06:51 PM

Dany and Margy

There was actually never anything planned between these two before so the world is our Oyster. But yes they must be plotted and as soon as possible. I am pretty open to everything even though Margy says they should be more like sisters then mother and daughter because she wants to have fun with Dany too! But yeah I can see them being pretty close and there was probably a point when lil Margy showed Dany around the gardens when she was visiting and now that Margy is getting older she might want to talk to Dany about stuff but really Iam down for anything and they need hang out.

Sep 15 2015, 11:27 PM


Margaery smiled softly as she pinned the flower a servant had brought her from her favorite garden. Her grandmother had caught her after her dance lesson and told her that she needed to look as beautiful as possible. Apparently Lord Edmure Tully had arrived in the morning when they had all expected him to arrive in the evening. They had had lots of guests before and Margaery had met them all but this Edmure Tully was different. In the letter she had responded to for her father He had spoken of aligning The Reach and The Riverlands but she had stopped him before they could discuss it any further and invited him to come to Highgarden. As far as she knew the best way to secure an alliance was through marriage. Edmure was the only Tully and she was the only Tyrell so it only made sense that a marriage between the two of them was what he was talking about.

She had a few long talks with her grandmother about her thoughts and she was a little surprised when Lady Olenna agreed with her. A prince was out of the question since her brother was married to a Princess so that only left the great houses. Her grandmother had heard whispers about Steffon Baratheon and Elinor Stark so that put away any thoughts of Stags. She had also heard about Allistar Aryan and Myrcella Lannister so that pushed the falcons out of the way. Margaery would have joined the seven before she became Margaery Greyjoy. She had no interest in the Starks and their snow or having to raise her own husband and the Stark boy was very much a child. So that left the Lannisters and the Tullies. Tybolt Lannister was already her cousin, besides, his father and grandfather were still alive and well and Margaery wasn’t interested in just being a lady of some lands She wanted to be THE lady. That left Edmure Tully. He was a little bit older than she was but she didn’t mind that. It wasn’t like he was creepily old or anything like that. Honestly she was a little surprised that he wasn’t married yet but the rest of the Ladies’s losses was (hopefully) her gain.

Margaery took a few moments to clean up from her dancing. She patted herself done with rose oil to make sure the scent lingered on her skin before she changed into a green lace dress. She went to her jewel box and dressed her neck and ears. She was thinking about adding a ring when she heard a knock on her door and her grandmother was in her room. “You’re dressed enough Margaery. Now come on before your father ruins this.” Margaery giggled a little as she shut her box shut and followed her grandmother to her father’s solar. Once they were let in Margaery dipped herself into a small courtesy and kept a soft smile on her lips while her grandmother spoke up. “Lord Edmure. Sorry for interrupting but I need to have a word with my son. “ She shot Mace a look before he could speak up and then glanced over at Margaery. “Maybe my granddaughter can you show you around Highgarden while I talk to my son.”

She kept smiling as she looked up at their guest. He was bigger than she thought he would be. Not fat or tall there just looked there was a lot of him. Bulky was the word that came to mind and even if she wasn’t right next to him she could tell that she would feel tiny standing next to him. He had the bright red hair his house was famous for and paired with his bright blue eyes she had to admit that this young River Lord was very pleasing to the eye as well as the next lord paramount of the rivers. “I would be happy to show you around. It would be a shame if you came all this way and only discussed business.”

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