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ABOUT: The last born and only daughter of the Lord and Lady of Refort Reyne is very quiet and shy. She was sent to Kings Landing to become more social but hasn't come as out of her shell as her parents would wish. She does her duty but she just does it quietly.
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Jul 30 2015, 10:27 PM


Reyne was feeling restless. It didn’t happen often, in fact this might have been the first time. If it had had happened before she really couldn’t remember it and since Reyne had a pretty good memory she was just going to assume that she had never felt like this before. It made sense. Reyne was normally content to spend hours curled up with a book. She even forgot to eat or sleep sometimes if her book was entertaining enough or if it was a new one. She could read a boring from cover to cover without stopping if it was new. There were a few times when hadn’t realized the book that she was reading wasn’t very good until she had finished it. As long as she had a book in her hands she was generally pretty content. But for some reason the first afternoon after she had time to spare in the library she couldn’t focus on any of the books. She’d read a few paragraphs or pages but then she’d close the book and go and find a new one hoping that it would capture her interest, but each one failed.

She had lost count around five books. There numbers were probably getting closer to twenty than five but Reyne just couldn’t focus on anything. She had never had anything like this happen to her before and it was extremely annoying and she really wished she could figure out what was going on so she could fix it and go back to being normal Reyne. With a sigh she closed her book and walked back to the shelf that it belonged on sliding it into place with a long sigh. As she started walking back through the shelves trying to find something to read her eyes caught the window. Almost like she was in trance she walked over the window and stared out it. She couldn’t remember the last time she went riding or even the last time she thought about riding. Seeing Domeric at the tournament had reminded her of all the times she had gone out and rode her horse when she was in The Vale. She didn’t ride as much in the capital mostly because she didn’t know the areas that well but maybe that was something she needed to change.

But that wasn’t today. She didn’t actually have a horse at the Capitol and she didn’t know what she would have to do so she could borrow one from the stables. She was sure she could but she would have to figure out the steps, and she liked to know exactly what she was doing before she started having to ask people for things. She liked to know to the procedures before started asking about stuff. It just made her more comfortable. Maybe she would try and figure that all out in the next few days and take a horse out for a ride than. She pushed herself off the windowsill and wandered through the shelves again still not finding anything that was jumping out at her. Not sure what to do she wandered back to the reading nook of the library.

Once she got there she saw a familiar silver head and she smiled. She was so happy that she was sent to serve Princess Rhaenna and that serve meant read quietly with a lot of the times. She didn’t know if she would have been able to handle the other Princess who seemed more… maybe active was the word Reyne was looking for. It didn’t really matter, she and Princess Rhaenna seemed a good fit and she was happy to be there. She dipped into a curtsey smiling when she rose. “Good morning your grace.” Once the greetings were over Reyne sat down in one of the chairs folding her legs under herself and tucking them under her skirts. “I hope you are able to find something to read. I can’t seem to. I think I’ve read everything that sparked my interest already.” She grabbed all of her hair and gathered into a ponytail and rested it on one of her shoulders. “We should go into Kings Landing soon and see if we can find something new.” She sighed again as she fell back into her chair wondering what other books would be out there that she hadn’t found yet.

Jul 8 2015, 08:44 PM


Over the years Reyne had become accustomed to being in Kings Landing. She didn’t like all the people but for the most part she kept her head down and was quiet and got her tasks done she was left alone. Not many people noticed the quiet girl from The Vale and that was the way she liked it. Her brothers had paid attention to her back at home and that had lead to years of torment. She really wanted to avoid repeating that she just made sure she that was sweet and polite and didn’t draw much attention to herself and she was actually very happy with the way things had turned out and she wasn’t sure why she had been extremely worried when she was first told that she was going to be going to court. It took her a while but she had actually found court to be a lovely fit.

She had even gotten a little used to the tournaments. It was always a little unsettling when there was some sort of realm wide event that she either had to go to or was coming to her, but after being at court for two years she had gotten to the point where she no long felt panicked when she started seeing the people and she actually found that she enjoyed the tournaments, or at least the events. She especially loved any of of the events with horses. Reyne always loved horses and she really enjoyed sitting and watching them do pretty much anything. She would have preferred riding them, but since there wasn’t just a riding competition that was just riding and she had zero interest in doing anything that was as dangerous as jousting or any of the competitions. She just liked watching, even if she squeezed her eyes tight if it looked like something really bad was going to happen or if someone got hurt.

It was toward the end of the jousting when she saw something she hadn’t been expecting. She was pretty she recognized the horse that came out on the field but it took her a moment to figure out what it was. It was Cloud. The horse that belonged to Domeric Bolton who had been fostered at Redfort alongside her and her brothers. It had taken a long time but when Reyne found out that he also liked to read and she heard him play the harp she realized that she had a lot in common with the quiet man. She had been a little sad when they had both gone their separate ways but now that she saw him out there she couldn't keep her eyes off him while he was competing. She found herself wincing and feeling terrified until Domeric had been declared the winner and rode off. It was odd that she felt so worried about someone that she hadn’t spoke to in years, but apparently the bonds of childhood friendship were stronger than she thought. She followed the rest of the ladies away from the field when the event was down and while she was doing her duties she kept thinking about Domeric and how long it had been since she saw him. Once she was dismissed she decided that she needed to go say hello to him.

It took a while but she managed to find the red banner with the flayed man on it. Reyne never liked that sigil and she never thought it was fitting for her quiet friend. She had heard the rumors about House Bolton but it was hard to believe that any of that applied to her old friend. Once she found it she was a little disappointed to find out that Domeric wasn’t alone. There were all kinds of men in the Bolton colors. Reyne hesitated for a moment before walking over to one. She waited quietly until one paid attention to her. “Excuse me. I am looking for Sir Domeric.” She remembered Mychel telling her that Domeric had been knighted. “I’ll go see if he’s busy.” the man responded. “Who should I say is asking about him.” Reyne took a sigh as she kept her brown eyes focused on on the ground finding it hard to meet his eyes. “Reyne Redfort. If he’s busy I can leave.” The man told her to just wait a minute and Reyne didn’t move from her spot. She could feel some of the men looking at her but she refused to meet their eyes. She kind of wanted to run from that spot but she wanted to see Domeric more so she just waited.

Jun 14 2015, 08:56 PM

There were a lot of things Reyne liked about being in The Red Keep as opposed to the Red Fort. The first being that her brothers weren’t around. She loved Jasper,Jon,Cedric and Mychel like she had to because they were her brothers but she was glad to not have to be around them all the time. She had always hoped that as they got older the teasing and pranks would stop. They had slowed down a little but there was always one of them toying with her and since there were four even three of them were taking a break then there would always be another one ready to step in and tease her, or move all the stuff in her room, or use the brushes on the horses or whatever else it was that their crazy boy brains could think of. She really didn’t miss being around her brothers. However that was probably her second favorite thing about being in the Red Keep, the first would have to be the library. The library at the Redfort was fine but she had read everything in it that interested her at least twice.

When she had first been told she was going to court her father had taken her aside and told her not to spend all her time in the library. The joke had been on him, the Princess that she had been sent to serve was an even bigger bookworm than Reyne so she had plenty of excuses to go into the library and call it her job. She hadn’t thought that she was going to fit in or even be remotely happy at court but she had been wrong. She had found her place and she didn’t really want to give it up. That was probably why she wasn’t really in any rush to find a husband that and the fact that even after being at court for quite some time she was still painfully shy and found it hard to just start talking to people. Besides, what her father didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him and since he was far away in the Vale there were lots of things he wouldn’t know.

A research project was what had brought her to the library. She had some free time and there was something she had been meaning to do since she had come to the Red Keep. Even though they were everywhere Reyne knew next to nothing about dragons. It wasn’t a surprise, the royal she was always with didn’t have one and she tended to avoid all the others. Reyne was used to knowing almost everything so she just kind of avoided the things she knew nothing about. It was not a horribly attractive part of her personality but she was used to knowing things and when she didn’t it was unsettling. That wasn’t to say that she wasn’t curious about the dragons. How could she not be? and one day she would have loved to actually see one of the Targaryen’s dragons up close, but she wanted to be as informed about them as she could if and when that day come. She had just finished her history of Essos book and slid it back on it’s place on the shelf and she had a stack of books all with the word Dragon in the title.

She knew that she wasn’t going to be able to read them all in one day but she probably could have made a pretty decent dent in them. She took her stack over to her favorite window seat and slid her shoes off before curling up in a ball tucking her feet under her skirt and opened the first book of her pile.

It was handwritten and she could tell from the handwriting that the person who wrote it wasn’t young. The writing was cramped and tiny and she had to squint to read it. It was a little difficult at first but she kept reading and once she found her stride it was much easier and she found herself getting lost in the words. Like almost every time she read the world around her just seemed to melt. She didn’t see the servants who ran the library it was just her and the words.

May 17 2015, 01:02 AM

<div class="appybod"><table><td>

<div class="infocat"><b> NICKNAMES: </b> None</div>
<div class="infocat"><b> RANK: </b> Nobility/lady in waiting</div>
<div class="infocat"><b> TITLE: </b> Who? </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> AGE: </b> Eighteen </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> REGION: </b> The Vale </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> HOUSE: </b> House Arryn/House Targaryen </div>
<div class="infocat"><b> PLAYBY: </b> Barbara Palvin</div>

<div style="background: url(''); width: 200px; height: 200px;"></div>

</td></table><table><div style="width: 430px; height: 350px; overflow: auto; font-size: 10px; line-height: 120%; text-align: justify; padding: 10px;">

<div class="small">ONE OF MANY</div><p>
House Redfort is a large house.I suppose that’s what happens when a Lord really wants a son but can only have daughters. Five times. My grandfather finally solved his heir issue when he had his nephew marry one of his daughters. He was allowed to pick and he chose the second daughter. That was how my parents came to be married.It was not a deep true love or even a moderate love. We were a large family and I grew up surrounded by people which made my personality even harder for some to understand. Or so I am told. <p>

However, to truly understand that I feel like I will have to explain a little more. Please, be patient I will try to keep this as short as possible, I am sure my family history isn’t too interesting to most people. But here it goes. I was the fourth child born to my parents and they seemed to have the exact opposite problem of my grandparents. All the children born before me were boys.<p>

Jasper was the first and he was the heir. We all knew that. He was born large and loud and he stayed that way.He was quick to smile and even quicker to joke. I have to admit that he never really thought about his jokes before he said them and they could be kind of on the meaner side. He said it was all in good fun but as the victim of many of his jokes and pranks I disagree. <p>

After Jasper came Jon. Jon was smart. He knew everything and he wasn’t afraid to tell you. He always had a way of letting me know when he thought something I was saying or doing was stupid. He was always my toughest critic and even if there were times when I thought I might have hated him but through his criticisms he helped shape me into the person I was to do.<p>

After Jasper came Cedric. If Jasper was a jokester than Cedric was a prankster. He would like to use my hairbrush to groom the horses and would move the makers in my book. One time I remember he moved everything in my room one inch to the left and I spent weeks bumping my shin into things. <p>

The youngest brother was Mychel. Mychel was the brother who was always in the training yard.I heard him called one of the best swords in The Vale and it seemed appropriate. Mychel was always gallant but also very loud.Even though he was the youngest son he was the golden boy and it was always easy to fade away when Mychel was around. <p>

My brothers weren’t cruel. I wasn’t abused or anything like that but they were boys. They would tease and pick at me like all brothers do but I always felt out numbered by them. I was always a shy and sensitive girl and I don’t think they ever understood how much I was bothered. It was because of the way my brothers treated me that led me to try and fade into the background as much as I could. You couldn’t pick on what you couldn't find. Right?

<div class="small">THE QUIET THINGS </div><p>
I was the only girl and I was a quiet little girl who was much smaller than all my brothers. I didn’t speak for the first three years of my life other than a simple yes or no. They finally forced me to start using sentences it came out stuttering. Whenever I got nervous it was like the words were stuck in my throat and it took a little to get it out. This caused my brothers to tease me more which made me less likely to talk. <p>

Out of everyone at The Redfort the most understanding person was my mother. She would spend hours with me teaching me to read.It didn’t take long and eventually if anyone needed to find me they could find me curled up under the desk with a book. It was also my mother who realized that if I was talking about something I read then I wouldn’t stutter. She instructed my Septa to start getting me to read out loud to her. I don’t know if it was because of this method or because I just naturally got over it but my stutter did go away. It rears it’s head back once in but for the most part I am able to talk if I feel like it, even though I rarely feel like it. Even though my family was large and there were always people around I found I enjoyed the solitude of the library more than large crowds.<p>

The only other thing I adored more than reading was riding. On the occasional day when I couldn’t concentrate on reading I would have my horse saddled and would ride. I could ride all day if I was left alone. The horses didn’t mind if I didn’t want to talk and riding made me focus on something other than my own thoughts. I didn’t mind having a head full of thoughts on most days but sometimes it got to be too much, and it was nice to have a clear head. My mother was always after me to take some guards with me when I rode but I liked to be alone while I was doing it. That was the point of riding. <p>

I didn’t think anyone minded my quiet and solitary ways but as I got older and didn’t become any more outgoing my family started to worry. I was the only daughter and when I flowered and started becoming a woman and didn’t seem to have any interested in men or people in general. That wasn’t true, I was interested I was just more comfortable with observing and since no one seems to notice the quiet girl with a book and I remained as innocent as I always was.

<div class="small">THAT NO ONE EVER KNOWS</div><p>
I was out riding when the Raven came. I didn’t know it but that Raven was going to change my life forever. When I returned and went to change before going back to the library I was surprised when I found my parents in my room. My mother visited me often but I couldn't really remember a time when my father was in my room. Even when I was sick he would stay away from me and instead focus on my brothers. I saw the letter and was surprised when I was told it was an invitation to go to court and serve as a lady to Princess Rhaenna. They told me they had already written and accepted on my behalf. <p>

I’ll be honest, mostly because I really have no choice I might be the worst liar in the world, but I didn’t want to go. Court seemed like it was going to be full of people and I assumed that all the boys that were there were going to be like my brothers and that the girls would look down on the quiet girl from the Vale. However, my parents insisted that I go and since I didn’t have an argumentative bone in my body I found myself packing for Kings Landing. <p>

I couldn’t sleep the night before I left. I couldn’t remember feeling more nervous in all my life. At about midnight I had just given up on sleeping and went into my library. I took out my favorite book and curled up in my spot by the window and lost myself in the familiar and comforting words. That was where my mother found me. We had had many talks in my life but none as important as this one. She told me I had a chance to be whoever I wanted at court and there were always places for people as serious as I was. I just needed to try and talk to people but most of all I needed to do my duty and try and be a good friend to the Princess. I was still nervous but knowing that I should be able to find my own place made me feel slightly more confident.<p>

The journey to Kings Landing was both too long and too short. As much as I liked riding I soon learned that I didn’t enjoy it when there was specific place I needed to be. It was better when I was just riding around trying to clear my head, but every day brought e closer to the Court which I was still nervous about even though my mother had told me everything was going to be fine. When we reached the castle my breath caught in my throat. It was much bigger and even more beautiful than I thought. I was taken to a room and told that it was mine and given a little time to settle in. <p>

<div class="small">Finding Her Own Place </div><p>
The Red Keep was full of many surprise. The biggest of all was Princess Rhaenna. I had expected that since she was Princess she would be uptight and snobby, but she wasn’t, she was actually warm and friendly and when I found out she was a fellow reader I liked the girl even more. than when I first met her and I found serving as one of her ladies an easy task. <p>

I have to admit it was odd being around so many girls. At the Redfort I was surrounded mostly by boys. I had plenty of Aunts but I didn’t see them that often since they all had homes of their own. I found it hard to take part in the girlish chatter and giggles that seemed to come naturally to the other girls. I didn’t want to change who I was, mostly because I didn’t know how I would have done that even if I wanted to. However, I soon learned that there was a place for all kinds of girls in Kings Landing and I found mine. While the other girls were giggling or debating over who had to do what I would just quietly do it. There are many times that people don’t seem to know who finished something, but that’s ok, I am not looking for praise or pats on the head and told how wonderful I am. It was odd but once I got used to it I felt like the Red Keep was more of a home than the Redfort. <p>

I have been at Kings Landing for a while now. Every once in a while when I see my family I am asked if I have found any men that interested me. I always had to report that not really. There were a few I liked to look at but I was never brave enough to speak to any of them. The other girls would tease me but I could never bring myself to do more than look at men I was attracted to. My father reminded me that I was sent to court not only to serve the Princess but to find a husband, even though I was content serving the Princess.
<div class="small">Blank Pages </div><p>
The last time I was home my brothers were teasing me, because some things never change. Much like when I was a child I retreated to the library. There my mother found me. I was still small enough to fit under my father’s desk but my mother coaxed me out. She told me that she could tell that she could tell that I had a lot of things to say, I was just scared to say them. Once again my mother got me better than anyone else. I thought she was going to lecture me about talking more but instead she gave me a book. I was surprised that the pages were blank. When I asked her about it she said that I since didn’t want to say the words she was hoping I could write them down. I had always loved my mother but I don’t think I had ever loved more than in that moment.<p>

She was right. As I started writing I learned that I did have a lot more to say than I thought. It was nice to be able to just get all the words out. I also started to become a little more bold when I was around the girls. I will always be one of the shyer girls but I am not overlooked as much as I used to to be. <p>

My father still complains about my single status. Especially since I am eighteen years old. I am not too worried about it. If I was met to marry I would, if no then it just wasn’t met to be. I still feel young and that I am a lot like the book my mother gave. It has blank pages and I have a blank future. That may sound bleak but it doesn’t to me. I don’t know what’s going to happen but even if nothing happens I enjoy my life the way it is and wouldn’t mind living it forever.

<td><div class="infocat"><b> PLAYER: </b> Chloe </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> YOUR AGE: </b> 23 </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> EXPERIENCE: </b> a lot </div></td>
<td><div class="infocat"><b> LOCATION: </b> Eastern Time </div></td>

<div style="width:280px;"><div class="vert"><div class="vale"> Reyne Ravella Redfort </div></div>



<div class="appybod"><div class="small">ROLEPLAY SAMPLE</div><p>


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