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ABOUT: The spitting image of her mother, Narissa acts very much like the late Valena Valeryon. Poised, proper, and fluent in High Valryian, she is everything a young lady should be, except the ability to know what romantic love is.
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Dec 16 2015, 04:22 AM

Hello my darlings!

So this is my finals week. I have completed 1 of 4 of my finals, the rest come up Wednesday (today, I guess) and Thursday (I have two).

On top of this, I'm traveling back home to Boise on Saturday. I may or may not have computer access, depending on if I can find a tv to hook up and use. Or even a monitor (My screen to my laptop is cracked, and I can't use it. I have it hooked up to a tv in my room with an hdmi cable).

On the 22nd, my Grandmother (and last remaining grandparent) will be arriving. This time, last year, She and my Grandfather where with us, celebrating Christmas. Its going to be REALLY hard. My dad and grandfather were incredibly close, and my grandmother has had, in her words, "the worst year of my life." So I want to be there for her as much as possible. wither it be she and I going christmas shopping, or singing, or whatever she wants me to do. I want to make this time easy for her, because, come January, She will be home alone again.
My dad also wants us to be more 'family oriented' this year. Honestly I will just do it for him. Its the first year without his father with us at christmas, and I am going to be the best Santa's helper I can be. Its the least I can do for them :c

I'm not making excuses, and I'm not trying to garner sympathy. I just wanted to give you guys a heads up. I will do my damndest to get posts up on Friday Night/Saturday morning prior to my flight, but I'm not making promises :c

Love you all!


Dec 12 2015, 08:08 PM

Narissa felt like she was trapped between two worlds, and she was drowning in both. All thanks to a dragon.
Ever since Kai had told her that he was only her half brother, and legitimized by the King, Narissa walked trough the world with people looking at her differently. She was the New Prince's half sister. She had royal connections. Suddenly people were interested in speaking with her. As if she could get through to her brother, the prince.

That was a bitter word to say, knowing deep down she resented the King for what he had done to her mother and her family. Because of a dragon, The King had to recognize that Kai was his, and in doing so had tossed the family into chaos. Narissa had to watch as her family was told about the secret, their father staying silent the entire time and Narissa's little sister breaking into sobs and running off. Narissa feared for her sanity each day. But perhaps the one to take it the worst was her. Aenon at least now was distracted enough by what he had to do to learn how to be Lord of Crack Claw.

Narissa had yet to return back to service of Lady Rhaenna, though she could only guess from her distance with the rest of the family that Rhaenna wasn't happy about what had happened either. She would return with the Princess once the Summerhall Tourney was over. But she wouldn't be the same lady that she had been before.

Her dreams of finding love like her parents had been shattered, because apparently, their marriage had been one of convenience...Narissa's once gentle and calm demeanor was shifting rapidly, and it had changed to one of constant poise and grace, but her once gentle smile had turned a little stiffer, especially when young men introduced themselves. Where she once would smile and giggle, she now curtsied and exchanged pleasantries, before excusing herself.

She had been asked by Kairen to join her at Summerhall, but Narissa just felt a sinking feeling every time she walked around the grounds. People knew. Of course they did. They saw Kairen, they heard the rumors. They knew what would happen. They knew about the dragon on Crack Claw, how could they not? Secrets were almost impossible to keep now a days, and no one knew that better than Narissa.

The feasts had begun. The finalists for the jousting had been announced, and would be held the next day. There was a somber mood throughout the feasting, however. Ever since Prince Valarr had nearly been killed saving Lady Alea, there was a hint of weariness about. After all, more than one person spoke of death after Lord Tywin's demise. Narissa never knew him, and had barely met Lady Alea at Kings Landing, and even as she stayed in their future home, she felt like she new nothing about the Targaryens, save for Rhaenna.

Holding her goblet loosely in her fingers, she stayed by the wall, her eyes watching dancing and movement throughout the room. She was dressed, elegantly as ever, her sea eyes watching the nobility of the realm dance about. She felt eyes on her, but she attempted to focus on the scene before her, rather than at anyone else. It was this distraction that had occupied her.


Jul 28 2015, 02:00 AM

It all started with a dress.

"We will be in Dorne! We will need to dress as the Dornish do!"

That should have been the first sign for Narissa that the Ladies of Rhaenna Targaryen were truly insane. Narissa had done her best to stay out of their talks, not even worried about what she would wear down in Dorne, until they asked her. A dress she had here, she replied hastily, that she would fix to be more breathable for the dornish heat. But this wasn't acceptable, according to the other ladies in waiting. They could get the tailors of Kings Landing to make gorgeous dresses for the festival in the latest styles. As ladies of the Princess, one had to be in the utmost of fashion. Narissa complained during the entire affair that she knew how to sew, that she didn't need this, but she got the dress anyways, or if one could call it that.

It was two pieces of clothing with a long piece of fabric going around her, and currently, it was the source of all her problems. She had worn it early in the day, expecting time to escape and change into something more comfortable. But being a lady to Princess Rhaenna meant that you followed her first off, and she had, all day. The Princess then had escaped Narissa's eyes, and had soon been found by the "eligible" men of Dorne, who kept pulling her into dances that she didn't know, and politely excusing herself once the dance was over. But they didn't leave her alone, or, should she say, one of them didn't leave her alone.

He called himself Morse, and he was easily two times Narissa's age. He had dark olive skin and dark black hair, with black eyes. He was dressed in finery, but it wasn't made properly for him - perhaps it belonged to a relative- and he drank like a fish, and stank of one. He kept pulling her close to him and whispering into her ear words that Narissa didn't want, and she had broken free of him and escaped quickly from his grasp.

The Dornishmen seemed to occupy a certain part of the room, while those of the other six kingdoms occupied another. While she weaved her way through dancing couples and small groups of people, she began to whisper to the maiden for guidance and the father for strength. She should never have listened to the other girls. If she wore what she wanted, she wouldn't have a man on her heels, asking for her hand in marriage or her body in his bed.

She rounded a corner when she spotted a man, one she vaguely recognized from one of the great houses who closer to her age, standing alone with a goblet in his hand, that she got an idea. Morse was still a ways behind her, and it wouldn't give her much time. She pulled the lose fabric around her and she quickly hurried to his side, her arm slipping through his free one.
"I am terribly sorry to bother you, but will you be my betrothed for an hour or so?" She asked quickly eyes darting around to see Morse still ways away. Her turquoise eyes looked up at him, shining brilliant with color and hope that the man could help her. " I am Narissa Celtigar, and there is a detestable man seeking me and he won't leave me alone. If you can help me escape him, I will be in your debt." This was highly unusual for Narissa. She would have never done this before, but when she was in dire need, even her prim and poised self could end up changing her ways for a single night to remove the infatuated fat man who was coming closer to her.

the dress

Jun 20 2015, 03:50 PM

So as some of you know, I am working out at a minor league baseball stadium this summer. I got promoted to Manager, which means I have to be there at 4:30 every day during the home games, which are usually about 5 days in a row, and I get home on average around 11:15 at night.

I have done this job for what will be three days, and I'm already going to know its going to be a drain on me. Plus side, my butt and legs are going to look great from all the walking, running, squating and standing I will be doing. Downside, my feet are in pain and I am sleeping around 11/12 hours a day.
This gives me only a few hours in the day to reply, when i'm not doing errands or other things in the day.

So I am going to try and get those replies out as soon as I can, but you won't see me very much. If you wouldn't mind sending me an AIM or a message that you have replied, it would be really helpful!
Sorry in advance!

Jun 5 2015, 11:09 AM
Hey guys,

SO my mom is a beautiful, wonderful, gracious woman and I love her to death, but she tried switching internet over to another company thinking it would fix the problems we were having with our cable/internet to our tv.

But it has turned into a freaking nightmare, and there is a possibility that I will be without internet for a few days while they are trying to go back, because its a matter of getting service people out here to reconnect everything.
I don't know when this will happen, but I will have my phone, so i can aim message some people to inform everyone whats going on.

Sorry to be so vague, its just that we have 1). No idea when this will happen and 2). Both companies are refusing to come out to either change it back or to reconnect. Its a mess and a hassle that is driving me insane.

I love you all. Please send help.
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