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ABOUT: The only Daughter of Cersei and Robert Baratheon Argella has always been treated like a little doll. She is older and bigger now but no less a doll. She is a little vain and spoiled but she knows how to hide it.
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Oct 2 2015, 08:52 AM

Argella was probably too old to be flinging herself on her father’s bed and curling up and crying while she waited for him. She was probably too old for her temper tantrums but she couldn’t help it. Anger and displays of anger were in her blood. Her mother often said that she roared like a proud lion while he father said she raged like a storm. She knew that some of the things she did were unseemly for a highborn girl, but at least she had learned to mostly keep her displays to herself, or in front of family who loved her not matter what she did or servants who couldn’t do anything about it anyway unless they wanted to be looking for another job and it seemed like for the most part they seemed uninterested in doing that so she just dealt with Argella’s temper and tried to stay away from her when she was in one of her moods.

She knew all these things and yet that didn’t stop her from throwing herself on his bed and curling up amongst his blankets while she waited for him. HIs smell was surrounding her and it was almost like she was being hugged by her daddy but not quite which was a shame since that was the one thing that she craved. It was probably stupid to be worrying about it since no one else seemed too concerned with her future but she didn’t know what she was going to do when she was finally married to someone and she wasn’t able to see her family all the time. Especially her father. Thankfully she didn’t have to wait long before she heard the door open and her father come in. She was happy to see him and happy that he hadn’t brought any of his friend or anyone to his rooms. She would have died of embarrassment if any other Lord saw her curled up on his bed crying. This was something that only her father was allowed to see.

She hadn’t planned on jumping on her father the moment he walked in the door. She knew that what she was asking was a little out there and probably unexpected. Even if she had heard about her father’s reputation before she had never really questioned him about it. As far as she knew her father was the perfect Daddy and he had never given her any reason to doubt him, but now she needed to know more. She needed to know as soon as possible and patience wasn’t exactly Argella’s strong suit so the words had flown from her mouth before she had even had a moment to think about what she was saying and even try to ease him into what she had to say which was probably going to be surprising to him unless he heard about the fight she had had with the Sand bitch, but since he had seemed like he was in a good mood before she had started speaking she was going to assume that the answer to that was no.

Her brow lowered a little when he didn’t answer her question immediately. She had been hoping to say that he was would love her no matter what what her last name was but instead of saying anything he just sat down on the bed and pulled her into his lap. It was probably another thing she was a little too old for but she didn’t care. It was comforting her her and she really needed to be comforted right now. She wrapped her arms around his large frame as she settled in burning her face in his chest as tears slipped from her eyes. He wanted to know if she would come see him but she didn’t know how to answer that. “How am I supposed to know that Daddy? I’d have to know who you are? Do you have any bastards and they actually know who you are?” She sniffled a little as she pulled her head back so she could look up at him. He had called her his heart and she had always liked that but she needed to know if that was just because she was Argella Baratheon. “I guess I am curious enough that I would come looking for you...if someone told me who you were.” That was the thing about being born a bastard, you didn’t know who one of your parents was.

As she kept speaking something else came to her mind that made her green eyes open wide as new tears started to fill them. “Does that mean if some Storm ore Stone showed up at Storms End you’d take them in and love like you do me Steffon and..Joff.” It was a little odd adding Joff to that list since she was pretty sure he was the lowest ranked of the Baratheon children because of his Lannister looks but he was still one of them, even if he annoyed her most of the time. “What if...what if a girl showed up with your hair and eyes and….reminded you of someone woman you had before love her like you love me.” She sniffled as her head returned to his chest and she hugged him again. “Or more?” She hated the thought of her father loving some other girl more than her. It was probably not right but to her love was a competition and she wanted everyone to love her the most, or at least she wanted the people she loved to love her the most.

Aug 8 2015, 03:56 PM


Argella wasn’t exactly sure how she felt about Dorne. She like the clothes a lot and she especially liked for once that when her father tried to get her to cover up with more fabric she had a legitimate reason to tell him he was worrying for no reason. She didn’t want to die of heat stroke and she was fairly certain that he didn’t either. Besides, the things that she has had made for the trip into Dorne weren’t nearly as revealing as almost all of the things she had seen around sunspear. She didn’t even mind the heat from what she understood everyone should just get their fair enjoyment of heat now while they could. Winter was coming and from what everyone said it was going to be a long and cold one. She probably would have passed out if she wore her Storm Lands clothes but the light silks made it almost enjoyable.

However, she didn’t like everything about Dorne. She didn’t recognize any of the food and she found herself craving the roasted boar from home. Especially when she was served something that was not only way too spiced to the point where she was almost positive that her tongue was going to fall out of her mouth if she took more than a few bites, but was actually snake. Argella didn’t get it, people were supposed to try and stay away from snakes, not rolls them in spices and eat them. She had tried to wash her mouth out with the wine but even that was too spiced. Argella had always liked things to be on the sweeter side and she couldn’t find anything that could satisfy that craving in Dorne.

Some of the people she had met had been interesting and lovely, but those had been few and far between. Dornish people were just different in a way that she couldn’t really put her finger on but it made her a little cranky. Maybe it was because she hadn’t really ate much since she had been in Dorne but her already notoriously short temper was ready to explode at a second’s notice. The men who her father had forced on her to follow her around were doing nothing to soothe her temper and those men were receiving the full brunt of her anger.

They had walked with to the feast and once she was seated they had just kind of faded away into the crowd. She didn’t know where they went and she really didn’t care. She much prefered them not right behind her all the time and it was a relief to be free of them if only for a little bit. She looked down at her plate and frowned when she saw it more of the same inedible trash that they had been serving the whole time and she really couldn’t wait until she was back in The Stormlands where everything was the way she liked it. She pushed some of the food around with her fork for a few minutes before she saw a servant. “Do you have anything fit for human consumption.” Before she could get an answer she took a sip of wine and her face twisted in disgust. “And wine that doesn’t taste like it could burn through a glass if it sits in too long. Is that why everyone from her drinks so much? So the wine doesn’t destroy the goblets.” She shoved the glass at the bewildered girl who seemed shocked and dropped it and it would have spilled over Argella if she hadn’t jumped out of the way. “Watch what you’re doing!”

Jun 19 2015, 12:28 PM

In this AU Ned and Robert were like “Hey. You have a Son. I have a daughter. Wouldn’t it be cool if they got married?” Than they did and to surprise of no one they didn’t get along. After a while Argella decided to go “visit” home and then just never came back North, and no one seemed to want to drag her back so Robb just comes to visit her once in a while.

Argella Stark Baratheon looked at the unopened letter that was sitting on her table. The seal of the direwolf was unbroken and yet she knew what was in it. She received letters like this every so often informing her that her husband would be coming to Storms End for a visit. They never said anything else and they certainly never demanded or even requested that she return to Winterfell, which confused her a little bit. She didn’t want to go back to Winterfell. She had hated the months that she had spent there and the Starks were not exactly easy for her to get along with and it made her wonder why her father insisted that Ned Stark was his brother when he had real brothers and her Uncle Renly was great. However, as much as she didn’t want to be in Winterfell it would have been nice to be asked and given the chance to refuse.

She looked from the letter to the ginger cat sleeping on her bed and thought about her time at court. She kind of wished she could have gone back to than when she was single and free. She shook her head as she scratched at the cat’s ears. She mind as well wish that she had been married to Valarr for all the good it would do. Seven hells she should have asked if her mother would speak to Daynes after she had met Atius. She may have not desired him the second she had met him but he had been fun and he paid attention to her which was more than what she could stay about Robb Stark. Robb wasn’t even a Lord of his own keep or the heir of one. He was the first son of a second son and this match would have never happened if her father wasn’t half in love with Ned Stark. She had to admit that Robb did have one thing going for him. He was easy on the eyes. It was just sad that they seemed to have very little in common other than the fact that they didn’t like their marriage.

She heard footsteps approaching her room and she quickly grabbed the letter breaking the seal before tossing it back on the table. Lately her father had been getting on her to try harder in her marriage. She was pretty sure it was because he had wanted little Stark Baratheon babies and even that thought made all the blood leave Argella’s face she didn’t want another lecture from her father if he found out she wasn’t even bothering to read her husband’s letters. However the knock on her door wasn’t her father’s and when she told them to come in it was one of the servants. ”Lady Uh..Stark?” Argella took in a deep breath as she tried to not lash out. After all that was technically her name and she had already started enough rumors by living at Storms End while her husband stayed in Winterfell, she didn’t need to create more by insisting that her last name is Baratheon. ”What?” She barely looked up as she continued to scratch Lyonel’s ears. ”Your Lord Husband has arrived, and your father wants to know if you’ll be coming down to greet him.” Argella sighed knowing that he wouldn’t have liked the answer of “He knows where to find me.” ”I suppose if that’s what my father wants I’ll have to do it.” She pushed herself up off the bed and picked up Lyonel cuddling him slightly before handing him over to the serving girl. ”Find a comfortable place for Lyonel to stay. You know how he feels about that wolf.” She didn’t trust that the wolf wouldn’t hurt her cat and thought it was just better if Lyonel was kept safe. With one last pet to Lyonel’s soft fur she left her room to go down to her family.

She was able to ignore her father’s jests about her going home with her husband this time and was pleased when her mother insisted that Argella already was home. Thankfully they didn’t have to wait long for Robb Stark to be brought into them. After her father and brothers greeted him Argella was pushed slightly so she would step forward and give a small curtsey. ”Hello. Husband.” The word still felt strange on her tongue and she found it easy to hide behind the formal words she was taught to repeat. ”I hope your trip wasn’t too bad.” They had been married for a while but they were still basically strangers and were still very formal with each other and Argella thought she always would be.

Argella felt a large hand on her lower back push her toward Robb and she looked up and saw the grinning bearded face of her father. ”Enough of that. You two are married, it’s time you started acting like it!” He laughed as he pushed her a little closer to him causing her to stumble forward a little. ”You know, the last time I saw Ned we talked about how the Stark eyes would look nice with Baratheon hair.” Argella stiffened as she glard up at her embarrassing father. ”Father! Stop!” She didn’t want to know what her father was going to say anymore so she pushed away from the little group, left the great hall and climbed up the stairs and went back to her room. When and if Robb wanted to see her who knew where to find her.

Jun 3 2015, 12:44 PM

Dress-Let's just say that there are two sleeves
When Argella had been packing for her trip to Kings Landing and shared some of her worries with her mother Lady Cersei had tried to reassure her daughter. She had told Argella all about how the Red Keep was it’s own world and that there were miles of halls to explore. Argella was somewhat interested in the private world but she was extremely interested in the halls that were there to explore. Ever since she had found her secret room at Storms End she had loved exploring and finding new things. As long as it was prowling through woods or anything like that. That was the fastest way to get your clothes filthy and her gowns were priceless. She knew she wouldn’t have gotten in trouble or anything like that, she couldn’t remember a single moment she had ever been in trouble, but she did like looking nice and ruining her clothes was a good way of ruining that. However, when it came to castles Argella was a regular adventurer and she couldn’t let an opportunity like this escape her.

She had heard that her Uncle Jamie was in the keep as part of the group that escorted her Aunt and she figured she could explore around where she had heard he was staying. She didn’t have anything in particular to say to him but she knew her mother would be a little irritated if she didn’t at least spend a little time with Uncle Jamie. Her mother was always insistent that her children knew that they were Lannisters just as much as they were Baratheons even if Joffrey was the only one with the golden hair that was the Lannister trademark. She hadn’t sent any messages or anything like that since she didn’t know when she was going to be there. She wasn’t sure when she was going to show up besides, unless he was busy with some duty or the other, her Uncle always had time for her, Steffon, or Joffrey.

She was walking down the hallway gently trailing her hand over the walls. That was how she had found her secret room back home. She had heard rumors that there were passageways throughout the Red Keep and if she made it through this entire trip without finding one she was going to be very disappointed in herself. She was feeling a little disappointed that she wasn’t hearing any hollow sounds when all of a sudden she heard a quiet little mew. She looked around and her eyes landed on a small orange ball of fluff. ”Well. Hello there.” Her eyes widened when the kitten just started back at her and she realized that with it’s golden eyes and orange fur he looked just like a miniature lion, and it was at that moment she realized she wanted him. The Targaryens had dragons, the Starks had Direwolves and she wanted this kitten, it might not have made perfect sense to anyone but her but she really wanted that kitten.

She crouched down a little and smiled at the kitten. ”Come here little guy.” The kitten took a step forward toward her than turned around and started to walk away. That little act of defiance made Argella just want the kitten more. She stood up and started to follow after him. She knew she was going to have to move slow and be patient but she was going to catch this kitten.

May 30 2015, 07:08 PM

Outfit. The heels aren't as high
The journey from Storms End to Kings Landing wasn’t a long one, however, Argella wasn’t a strong rider and her mother knew it, so she insisted that they take a wheelhouse. Argella hadn’t exactly argued with her, this was her first time in Kings Landing and she didn’t want to show up looking all bedraggled and travel weary or even worse get thrown from her horse and either being hurt while she was there or having to go back. She was excited to see court and more important she was excited to see her old friend Valarr. It had been too long since she had seen him and she didn’t want anything to get in the way of her spending time with her friend. Other than a few members of her family he was one of the only people in the world who got her. She didn’t want anything to screw that up.

However, after a few days Argella was wondering if maybe she should have tried to get better at riding a while ago so she could have insisted that she rode. Argella didn’t really regret much in her life, it was hard to have regrets when her life was as close to perfect as she could picture it, but she had to admit that she regretted not being one of those girls who just loved riding. If she had been they might already been in Kings Landing already. Thankfully, there party was rather small so even if they were moving rather slowly at least they were able to stay at inns. Argella was already in a foul mood and she didn’t want to know what her mood would be like if she had to sleep on the road.

The Inn that they had spent the night in hadn’t been particularly great. The bed was uncomfortable and the sheets were scratchy and she wasn’t heartbroken to see the sun peeking through the clouds and to get out of bed she dressed quickly and broke her fast before going out to look for her brother since he was the one who was leading this host. When she finally found Steffon she tapped him on the shoulder. ”Steffon. Are we actually only one day from Kings Landing this time? Or is it just like two days ago the first time they said it?”

She was trying not to be too mean to her brother, after all it wasn't his fault that the people they were traveling with didn't know what they were doing. However, she was irritated and she was never good at hiding her irritation and she really was sick of traveling and she just wanted to get settled in. "I really would like to get there before Va-Prince Valarr starts worrying I am ignoring him."

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