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» THE DRAGONS, iron throne beasts
 Posted: Dec 7 2015, 08:07 PM
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Aemithor (AYE - mith - or)
Ridden by Aegon Targaryen

Hatched in 284 AC. 16 years old. Largest of the brood. Blood red scales, fire-orange eyes and wings. Black horns and spinal crests.
    The first to hatch, Aemithor has long since grown accustomed to the presence of man - his rider, the rest of the royal family and his constant caretakers all seem to have a soft spot for the giant beast. He is an amiable mount with a comparably calmer nature than the other dragons, but he is viciously fearsome when roused and is known to be very aggressive when hunting.
Vaelyx (VAY - licks)
Ridden by Daenerys Targaryen

Hatched in 286 AC. 14 years old. Second-largest of the brood. Jet black scales, bronze-colored eyes. Blood red wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Arguably the most violent of the brood, Vaelyx is unpredictable and unruly, known to challenge even his rider. Gluttonous and bloodthirsty, he is often found roaming the countrysides of the Reach, having more than just his fill of the farmland's livestock. Nearly as large as Aemithor, what he lacks in size he makes up for in fire and appetite.
Drax (dracks)
Ridden by Viserys Targaryen

Hatched in 286 AC. 14 years old. Sleek and agile. Cream-colored scales, gold eyes, wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Like his rider, Drax is known for somewhat of a temper, and does not hesitate in instigating any tension between the other dragons. He is not uncontrollable, however, and is mostly subdued when under the firm hand of his rider. Most content when out of the city and patrolling the Crownlands, Drax is a very common sight in the sky for the people in the region.
Yraenyx (YRAYE - nicks)
Ridden by Matarys Targaryen

Hatched in 287 AC. 13 years old. Quick and lean. Silver scales, dark blue eyes, wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Though somewhat unruly and wild when allowed to roam, Yraenyx is impossibly tame when with his rider, and has never been known to ignore a command. The very dragon the King chooses to ride when necessary, he is, for the most part, a friendly and intuitive beast, and is becoming a familiar presence in his new home in Dorne.
Biaea (bye - AYE - uh)
She-dragon. Ridden by Visenya Targaryen

Hatched in 288 AC. 12 years old. Large and lustrous. Violet scales, gold eyes, wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Constantly a thorn in her rider's side, Biaea is wildly curious, fearsome and independent, and proves a challenge to ride nearly every time. Beautiful in body but complex in spirit, it has taken her rider many years to fully understand the beast... and not a single moment of it has been easy.
Andracarr (and - DRAH - car)
Ridden by Aelix Targaryen

Hatched in 292 AC. 8 years old. Smallest and leanest of the ridable brood. Emerald scales, yellow eyes. Pale white wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Unpredictable, fractious and violent, only his rider can approach Andracarr. Even his caretakers take special precautions with him, as he is mostly kept chained in the dragon pit for fear of what he would do if allowed to roam. Fiercely bonded with his rider only after years of struggling, Andracarr is as particular as a dragon can come.
Aerehra (AIR - ee - HAR - uh)
She-dragon. Will be ridden by Kairen Targaryen

Hatched in 300 AC. Under 1 year old. Dark purple scales. Blue eyes, wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Though young, the new hatchling shows a sort of affinity for water somehow, and has been known to take to diving in the palace's fountains instead of taking flight. She is surprisingly friendly and very curious, and there are high hopes for the hatchling that she will one day be a mighty and kind she-dragon.
Ghiscar (GIS - caar)
She-dragon. Will be ridden by Valarr Targaryen

Hatched in 300 AC. Under 1 year old. Wintry blue scales. Silver eyes, wings, horns and spinal crests.
    Already as a new hatchling, Ghiscar shows possessiveness over things like her food and her future rider, fiercely protecting what she thinks is hers. Seemingly self-important, she does not appear to particularly enjoy humans if she does not have a use for them, and many wonder what sort of beast this one will grow into.

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