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 Posted: Oct 25 2015, 05:51 PM
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years old
Rodrik "the Reader" is Lord of the Ten Towers, and ruler of the island of Harlaw. He has three children, though his youngest son is the official heir. Rodrik married his salt wife (it's a long story). He's brilliant, and a generally friendly person.
from the ten towers
played by: echew

Gods they'd been on the road for a long damned time! They took a ship as far as they could, to Casterly Rock. Unfortunately, part of the trip had to be made by land. The problem with that was that his knee just didn't agree with horseback, or moving too quickly on them. They'd been forced to stop more often than anyone really liked, meaning the journey took twice as long as it should have. There had been the horrifying moment of nearly falling flat on his face when he tried to walk up the steps into the red keep. There hadn't been much pride left at that point. At least there was the small victory in that most of the keep was quiet. Many of the nobles had traveled to Summerhall for a tourney that Rodrik knew he'd never make it to. The keep was quiet, though, and he preferred it that way for the time being. He could let his body recuperate without having to bother with southern manners, for the time being.

It had taken a bit of work, but he managed to get their chambers relocated to one of the lower floors. After the trip to King's Landing, Rodrik didn't have the patience to bother with all of those stairs. He at least had enough pride that he wasn't about to let servants carry him. He could do a few flights, but he'd be damned if he was climbing to the top and back down every day. Their chambers had a nice enough view - nothing like the one back home. But more importantly, it was right near the solar where Reginald had been working to translate the text. He spent more time at that large table than he had anywhere else, so far.

He was sitting sideways at the table, Rodrik had reclined in his chair, and moved a second over. There was a pillow on the seat, and he was using the armless chair to prop up his still-swollen knee while he poured over a few books. The text they were attempting to translate was in a dead language. It was a personal pursuit. Apparently he'd been hired by a wealthy Ghiscari family to translate the book - though he wouldn't name which one. From what he'd gathered so far it was a dull enough text. There was nothing incriminating or terribly useful in it. He couldn't imagine what they needed it for. Though there had been more than one suggestion that the book needed to be translated to aid his patrons in some old blood feud.

His eyes raised from the page when he realized he was at a bit of a road block, and would require a book that had wound up out of his reach. Rodrik leaned forward, attempting to reach the text like a normal person. But he didn't want to stand up. He'd just gotten comfortable! Instead, he pushed a few of the books out of his way, and picked up the raven skull cane that he'd hooked on the arm of his chair. He grasped the shaft by the end, throwing the head across the table to latch onto the far side of the book. He heard a resounding thunk that might well have left a bit of a welt in the table, before dragging the book closer.

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 Posted: Dec 15 2015, 12:37 PM
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years old
The last born and only daughter of the Lord and Lady of Refort Reyne is very quiet and shy. She was sent to Kings Landing to become more social but hasn't come as out of her shell as her parents would wish. She does her duty but she just does it quietly.
from Redfort
played by: Chloe

Reyne had been glad that she had been given permission not to go to Summerhall. She liked the Targaryens a lot. They were probably more her family than the Redforts were at this point but he didn’t think that she had it in her to go to a celebration. Celebrations meant crowds and being pushed up against and just general chaos that Reyne really wanted no part of. Thankfully, she had received word that her oldest brother was getting married and she was going to have to go to the Redfort for the wedding and that her mother wanted her there early to help plan it, even though Reyne knew that would probably end up with her hiding in the library while she tried to avoid all the people that no doubt had filled the Redfort. But she did love her mother and couldn’t tell her no so had stayed behind so she could pack her things and get ready for her journey to the Vale.

One of the reasons Reyne thought she was a good Lady in waiting was she was efficient. If someone gave her a job to do she would take a few moments for her to decide what was the best way to do it and than get it done quickly. She didn’t like leaving things to later because she couldn’t see the future and she didn’t know what could come up that would stop her from doing her job, which was why her tunks were already packed and ready to go and she had a few days with nothing to do. She couldn’t really remember the last time she had so much free time and since she had no real desire to go outside that meant that there was only one place she needed to be, the library. She had probably read most of the books there a few times but she could always read through a few times more. With one last check to make sure everything in her room was in order she left and walked down the familiar path to the library. She had been there so many times she was pretty sure she could have done this walk in her sleep without a problem.

The castle was practically empty and honestly that was the way Reyne liked it. She didn’t have to stop and make small talk with anyone and it wasn’t considered rude. Instead she was able to make it down the hallway in record time and slip into the library which was also oddly quiet even for a library. Reyne knew that some people might find the silence eerie but she also thought that it was soothing. She knew exactly what book she wanted and where it was so she made a beeline for that spot and pulled down the histories of the vale and rested it on her hip while she went and looked for a place to read.

She had just left the maze of the shelves when she saw a man that she had never seen before looking like he was struggling to get a book. Reyne felt two of her urges fighting each other the urge to help people and the urge to not talk to someone and accidentally make a fool of herself. After a few moments of hesitation she walked over to him and cleared her throat quietly. “Excuse me. I don’t want to bother you you need some help? You kind of look like you have spent too much time in the saddle and might be stiff? Which book do you need?” She was hoping that he actually wanted help and she didn’t just offend him by accidet.


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